Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Cup of Crap Overfloweth

Woke up feeling pretty crappy. Took the kids to school (it was raining sideways and while I'm tough on my kids, I'm not cruel) and fought puking the whole way. Came home, brushed, washed, changed clothes headed out then back in to grab an old cup, just in case. Got to the oral surgeons office where I have apparently been the talk of the office due to the difficulty of my operation. I was assured there is no infection, just a lot of swelling and fluid that needs to be absorbed and that everything will in fact go back to normal. The sweet nurse went to removing my stitches. Which felt oddly good...until she got to the left side. There were 3 that were deep and scabbed over and if I didn't know better I would have thought she was cutting through my skin to get those suckers out. Dr McCoy came back in several times to tell me how sorry he is that he had to put me through this and ask if there was anything I needed. For a guy that started out to be not too kind, he's turned into one of my favorite people. I go back in two weeks then start PT. The pain I am feeling in my head and face is not the nerves waking up but the muscles that are attached to the TMJ joint. They've been pulled tighter than he'd like but he didn't have a choice. He said getting the bones out was extremely difficult. So after crying in his office, feeling like a big ol' baby, and being assured that he'd worry if I WASN'T crying I left. And proceeded to learn that I have a talent. I can drive, pay for parking and puke in a cup...all at the same time! I can also proceed onto the interstate while still vomiting into the cup and merge better than most people can who aren't otherwise distracted. And in case you're wondering why I didn't pull over? There is one lane from the parking garage to the interstate and while I typically love attention, I didn't feel like screwing up traffic. So I headed to the pharmacy to get my script filled. Only to be informed that my previous RX coverage expired on 1-1-09 and that they needed all new information to process insurance. New card, new company, new everything. How the hell I didn't get that information is beyond me but after losing connection with the lovely automated Caremark lady TWICE I paid for the script and I'll get refunded later. I made it to the top of the hill and now I know I can pull into my driveway, open the garage door and park my car while puking in a cup. Poor Steven was coming out of the door to feed T-Bone and I about took him out running to the utility sink. All I could do was look at him and say "I'm not in a good place right now" and headed up to medicate, ice and sleep. And sleep I did. All day. Which is probably why it's after midnight and I'm bright eyed. The pain is more tolerable thanks to the new pain pills I was given and the nausea has subsided thanks to my great friends, Reglan and Phenegran.

The forecast calls for snow tonight so Arissa is wearing her jommies inside out and backwards to make it come true...which is a sure-fire way for the snow to not produce or the city to clear the roads because GOD FORBID OAK RIDGE CITY GETS A SNOW DAY.

Arissa has learned the valuable lessons of 1) don't give your friends your password and 2) don't set a passcode on your phone that you can't remember. Let's just say her Webkinz World is short one stainless steel fridge and one super hero bed. And thanks to the determination of her Daddy, her phone has been reset...although she did lose all her contacts, pics, etc. Which at 9 years many contacts do you really need?


Our Tribe said...

That IS indeed a craptastic day!!!!!! I am sorry :o(
Your explanation gave me a vivid visual I am not sure i wanted! I can totally envision the whole puke-tastic ride home.

And i am sorry you had to miss lunch.
Double :o( :o(

And you are right about a 9 year old's contact list.

Stacy said...

Hang in there... it will get better. I'm glad you got to sleep and the new pain meds are working better. Hope you feel better soon!!!

Elle said...

Dude!!! How do I follow your blog???

And I'm sorry about your day... Way to multi-task!!!! The blessing of being a mom, I suppose. :)

Oh... and this is Todd's littler sister. ;)

Anonymous said...

I had NO idea how bad it has been for you!!! I am so sorry you are having such a horrible time! Bless your heart how much more can one person take?? I finally had a chance to sit and read facebook which led me here and I read about your horrible recovery or lack of recovery. I forget about your blog since coming to facebook and when I started to read your comments on FB I knew things did not sound so good. Please let me know if I can do anything for you or the kids. You are in my thoughts! Melissa