Wednesday, January 28, 2009


First of all.....

If you look on my 'Live Traffic Feed' you'll notice I get visitors from exotic locations rather often. Yet everyone I know lives in a 30 mile radius of me. Just exactly who are these people? Are they stalkers or just suckers for a smartass with a blog? So, if you're coming to the Pod and have never commented before, please leave me a comment. The curiosity, it's killing me.

Now...Here is a cheap blog post shamelessly copied and pasted from a Facebook thing that is going around. Those of you that are my Facebook friends might notice a few items have changed. I thought of more interesting tidbits to take those spots.

1) I've had 10 surgeries

2) I had my daughter on my bathroom floor. Without medical personnel present. NOT on purpose.

3) I love living in Oak Ridge. It's a great blend of small town/larger city.

4) I loathe terrible drivers, I suffer from serious road rage

5) I don't do mornings. It's not a matter of a small dislike of mornings. I seriously don't function before 8am and a one hour laying in bed period.

6) I have a very low tolerance for ignorance

7) Me and the sun don't get along. A day at the lake/pool/beach is my idea of hell on Earth

8) I hate beans and bananas

9) I cook things that I won't eat...and from what I'm told they are really tasty

10) I adore the Food Network and *attempt* lots of the recipies on there

11) I outsource school projects to family members. I hated them when I was in school, hate them now that my kids have to do them

12) I've had braces twice

13) I have experienced 'love at first sight'. Married him, too

14) My first wedding was at the courthouse. Without my parents knowing. My senior year. HUGE MISTAKE

15) I made up for it with my second wedding being the whole she-bang.

16) I am what some people refer to as "skinny fat"

17) I hate my hair. There is too much of it

18) I feel really bad for passing down the crappy teeth and migraine gene to my son

19) I need patience. And grace. Lots and lots of both.

20) I hate tags. If you come to my house, you'll see me in inside out lounge wear.

21) I have hurt too many people's feelings with my mouth. Some times it's been mended, other times not. That makes me sad at myself

22) I love going to the grocery store

23) Having my car serviced thrills me to no end. Seriously, it does.

24) I have very few "optional" organs left

25) I got to witness my youngest nephew being born. Outside of #2 above, the absolute COOLEST thing I've done in my life. There are no words. (Yet I managed to leave this one off my original list. Go figure).


Anonymous said...

this is paula, how are you today. :) i kid pookie (now you know who it is)

Anonymous said...

I just read through this again.
#16:What the heck is skinny fat? You are just skinny...there is no fat about it!
#17:So if you hate it b/c there is too much of it, get it cut! Don't keep it long for anyone else. It's your hair. Been there/done that. It would probably help your head hurts.
#21: And who do you suppose you get that from? Seems it skipped a generation. The one you fuss about the most. Hmm...
Just my observations...
Love, Mom