Friday, March 6, 2009

A Night at the Museum

So Arissa's BIG ART SHOW thingy was tonight. Mom, Daddy, Kathy, Josh, Kamry, Steven and I (and Arissa, of course. No Isaiah..he wasn't feeling well) met up to look at some stellar art. We got a bit distracted and saw no one's art but Arissa's (unless they were on our way to Arissa's)and proceeded to have a really fun time playing at the museum.

Pictures are below. In backwards order. I am not fixing them so just start at the bottom if it matters that much to you.

Holly Hobby vogueing

Me and my girls channeling our inner Duggar

BIG BEAR...tiny daddy

Steven workin in the coal mine

Checking out old timey farm equipment

Kathy, Kamry and Josh looking for spies in the Atomic City

Arissa, Alexis and Kamry

ALL ABOARD!!! Josh and Steven driving the train

Steve Irwin in the Rainforest

In the living room of the dollhouse. Daddy is explaining to Alexis that you have to write and pay bills if you are sitting at the fancy desk.

Arissa being very proper. Looks like she needs a spot of tea!

A midget sized Queen Anne chair for Daddy

Daddy in the dollhouse

The reason we were at the Museum! Arissa's art!!
"Owl" Funny since we call her Hootie!
Me and My Girl

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Kathy said...

We had an absolute blast!!! Who'dathunkit? I'm completely lovin all the pics. We never did find the fifth spy. I think one of the other four off'd him and hid the body in the polar bear.

Don't forget to find out if I am correct with my guess of 10 ninjas (9 stationery and 1 mobile).