Monday, March 2, 2009

Quick Pod Update

I need to do a real update and had planned on doing it tonight. That was before I spent 3 hours at the gym. I trained for an hour, went right into an hour of yoga and then right into an hour of hip hop. I can't feel my legs and I'm so tired my brain isn't functioning. So here's the quick Pod News Update:
  • Isaiah has the flu. He's had it since end of last week and doesn't qualify for the flu meds. He's on liquids, Advil and Nyquil
  • Steven and Isaiah went to see the Cavs (Lebron James) play against the Hawks in Atlanta. Isaiah had an awesome time watching his favorite athlete. Bonus points for him being there running a fever of over 101 and spreading flu germs around Phillips Arena.
  • Arissa has been selected to have one of her art pieces shown in the Oak Ridge City Art Show. She is 1 of 20 children selected from her school. I didn't even know the kid could draw.
  • Did I mention I've gone back to the gym and did 3 straight hours tonight?

Until next time, when my downward dog hasn't kicked my warrior butt....


Kathy said...

Dude...totally slept through the part of the requests that notated that this was starting today. Yea..thats dedication for you.

I promise to make the next one.

Anonymous said...

guess who? pookie mcmookie