Saturday, March 14, 2009

Super Hoops

Arissa's school has an annual fundraiser Staff vs. Parents basketball game. Arissa signed up to be a cheerleader. Her and about 50 other little girls ages 5-9 stayed after school every Tuesday for a month to learn cheers and a halftime routine. Our very own Melissa was the faculty coach of the cheerleaders and she did an awesome job. I can't imagine having that many little girls of varying ages to coach. Arissa and her friends had a blast and two days later, Arissa still has on her face tattoo and is wearing her ring (they danced to "Single Ladies"). Here are some pics. Isaiah took most of them. He has better luck with my camera than I do. It likes him. I refuse to believe I have anything to do with the way the pictures come out.

Getting ready to dance

If all goes according to her plan; in a few years she will be cheering on the 'OR' as an ORHS cheerleader

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