Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I saw the Infectious Disease dude today. He was shocked that the scope I had done inpatient hadn't been done before because apparently this bacteria (h pylori) is rather common and is known for causing stomach pain (where I have been complaining for over a year that was hurting). This bacteria is close to e coli but not as bad and doesn't run into my blood stream. Basically, it is in the lining of the stomach, gets aggravated and goes into the base of the esophagus. This bacteria is present in many patients that have ulcers/bleeding ulcers. Some patients always have the bacteria and never have problems. Other patients have the ulcers but not the bacteria. It could have been left untreated but based on my fantastic medical history he didn't want to take the chance of me developing ulcers (which, lets face it, wouldn't be a simple ulcer..it would be bleeding and life threatening!).

He isn't convinced the chest pain was caused by this bacteria but since the heart tests checked out okay he is willing to leave it alone. As we know, I am weird and it is possible they are related.

I am on 2 weeks of Flagyl and Tetracyclene plus Previcid and Pepto Bismol. The antibiotics can't be taken together. One of them interacts with my other meds. One requires food. One requires no food. One is twice a day. One is 4 times a day. I need a spreadsheet and a coach!

He looked at me. Looked at what his scale told him and called it a liar. It said I weighed 124. It's off a good 5 pounds if not 7-8. He wanted to make sure I wasn't still losing weight and at the minimum maintaining my weight.

He is dry as a cracker but is thorough. So that is a good thing.

All in all it was a good visit and I got a much clearer picture of what is going on with this crazy body of mine (the clarity of not being on narcotics is good for that). Seems that I'm not quite as weird as we originally feared.

I see the surgeon that did my biopsy for a follow up on Monday. Hopefully he won't confuse me again!

Now, of you'll excuse me...I need to consult Excel to see what medicine I need to take.


Anonymous said...

who takes more medicines, you or mom??? She went to the doctor yesterday and put her on another one (just 1 I think). dad

Suburban Turmoil said...

Wow! Hope you start feeling better soon.