Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'll Be Carrying a Gun and All....

*See update at bottom of post*

So..this past week brought Isaiah's job interview. He was told proper dress was required. This to a 12+ year old means his nicest shorts. I told him that no one who wants to go anywhere in this world rolls up to a job interview wearing shorts. His response? Well, she said to wear something like we'd be wearing on the job and I'm trying to be a cop and I don't have a uniform. Obviously, kids at this age still take things very literally. I pulled his Dockers and a polo out of his closet, had him try them on, then sent him to see Steven. The irony of asking your Dad to iron for a job interview was almost as comical as Arissa's background comments (do you get a virtual badge?). The next day I asked him how his interview went. He said that overall she (teacher) said he did really good and the only problem.....His short fuse. Isaiah gets agitated pretty easy and his teacher is concerned this will affect his ability to perform his job properly and safely. I was trying to take it all in and (this conversation was over the phone) I guess he thought I was confused or something because he says....Cause I'll be carrying a gun and all. He was dead serious. I giggled and told him yes, anger and firearms don't mix. Wonder what happens if he doesn't land this job? Does he get to apply for another? He does have student loans to repay so he needs to get a j-o-b.

At least his *wife* is the best paid teacher in the education system......

*Monday afternoon update*
Apparently "anger with fire arms" is easily over-riden by your ability to look into the interviewers eyes, not mumble and to dress the part. Isaiah is now a police officer with the Nashville Metro Police Department with a salary of $30,000. He asked if we could go out to dinner to celebrate. His virtual job. My reply? Sure, any virtual restaurant you desire.

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