Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Not Still at the Surgeon

Never made it to the surgeon.

To say that this week has been hard would be a GINORMOUS UNDERSTATEMENT. Steven's truck had the tune of way more money than I could stomach without throwing up in my mouth a little bit. It decided to have these issues while I was trying to drive to the appointment. I was trying to make it to the repair shop, calling Steven over and over and over trying to will him awake, and having Mom track down the number to the surgeons office to cancel my appointment (doctors name? not a clue. phone number? no idea. But! they're just down the road from you. Miraculously, Mom found the number and got my appointment cancelled). Eleven hours later the truck was fixed. But only in theory. It was still messed up and had to be returned Tuesday morning. Another stressful day ensued. We got it back, Steven says it's fixed. I am refusing to drive it out of spite for the hell it has caused me this week.

Today was my day to have a good day. This was the day! Positive attitude! No more tears!Looking on the sunny side! Too bad my brain didn't get the memo. I was taking migraine meds at 7am and going back to bed. I made it to work about noon.

Tomorrow, I try again. Tomorrow will be a good day. Please, Lord, let it be a good day....

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