Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sweet Baby James(on)

My best friend since I was 5 has the most incredible little boy. He can work YouTube like no other. He can dance like a rockstar. He loves sugar. The more sugar and more processed a food is, the more he likes it. He thinks Veggie Tales are Grammy worthy and he thinks the Wiggles are pretty cool too. He thinks Gummies are a five star food. He runs, laughs, cries, and snuggles.
He will be 8 next month. He isn't potty trained. He is on a special diet, requires special schooling and close supervision. He doesn't talk.
Jameson has autism.
Jameson makes those around him laugh and smile and forget the burdens they thought were so important. Jameson lives in the moment. He doesn't care what he wears, what people think. He is a free spirit. A blessing from above. I know that for his parents, who have the daunting task of having the equivilant of an infant for the rest of their lives, the blessing is probably sometimes hard to see. Jameson has so much to teach others....he's already taught my children and myself a lifetime of lessons.

Autism Awareness Day--April 2nd.

Thank you, JC. Have a gummie on me!


Anonymous said...

Well said. You make me proud. You make me cry. I love you. mom

Anonymous said...

he loves my cookies as well, left that part out pookie !!!!