Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Isaiah, The Leader

Yesterday we got an interesting piece of mail from church. It was addressed to Isaiah (which means nothing to me...I totally opened it). Inside was a letter to him stating that he had been nominated to be a member of the FUEL team. It is a student leadership council. There is an application with some pretty thought provoking questions. Tonight, I had a chance to talk to Isaiah about it. As soon as I said the words "FUEL" and "nominated" a huge grin spread across his face. I could tell that asking the question if he was interested was not needed.

The paperwork has to be turned in tomorrow so we went over the questions so he would have time to think about his answers. The most interesting answer came to the question about how his life is different now? His answer, without hesitation, was "I pray everyday. Throughout the day. I know there is a God who listens. Before I was just interested in going to church to get to go out to eat after. Now I go because I want to." Those words alone solidified the decision we made almost a year ago to find a church that fit our family. I know we are where we belong.

As most of you know, Isaiah is typically pretty shy and has few words around those he isn't super close with. So either he is comfortable enough around our church family to let the true Isaiah shine through or someone he is around sees the potential that is hiding behind those baby blue eyes. Either way, it means my child isn't lost in the sea of several hundred kids that attend on Wednesday nights. We are where we belong.

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