Saturday, October 24, 2009

Post Op Update Day 2 (with photos)

Today I managed a bath and clean jammies. Today was also a day that nothing pleased me and tears came really easy. Panera Bread changed their chicken salad without consulting me first. I have a strict policy that poultry and fruit shall never combine. Their chicken salad USED to be perfect. Then they went and added grapes to it. Panera Bread chicken salad is now dead to me.

I noticed today that the hospital treated me to a brow wax. It's my right brow, in the middle of the brow. Not a good look. Someone really should leave the brow grooming to the professionals.

Today I am more swollen and bruised.

Isaiah and Arissa got report cards today. Isaiah did really well with 4 A's, 1B, and 2 C's. Arissa knocked it out of the park with straight A's. She worked her tail off to get those grades and it paid off. We were both a bit nervous how she would adjust to middle school on top of having an afterschool activity every night of the week but she did it. We've had a deal with her for a few years now that if she earned an A in Math she could go to Wasabi's (Isaiah's deal is all A's and B's). Needless to say, as soon as I can eat I have a date with my girl. I am very proud of both kids and hope that in 9 weeks I'll be able to take Isaiah out for Wasabi's, too.

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