Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Post Op Update Day 7 (with photos)

So I've lived through the week. I have left the house exactly twice in the week. I have done nothing but rest, sleep, eat, drink, Internet, and watch TV. Tonight I was brave and tried to eat a pop tart. HUGE mistake. Here are a few pictures of me taken this morning...

As you can see, things are looking much better. I have an appointment in the morning to (I assume) get the stitches out. The nerve/muscle pain I experienced before has started up. It's like electrical shocks in my scalp.

Isaiah and Arissa are on fall break this week. Sunday night they spent the night with Aunt Carol, Monday night Arissa spent the night with the Bakers, and tonight Alexis is here. Saturday Arissa is going to a big Halloween party at her friend-who-is-a-boy's house. She has a pretty rockin costume this year. I think Isaiah is sitting this year out although I haven't heard for certain.

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