Thursday, October 22, 2009

Surgery Recap & Post Op; Day 1 (with photos)

Yesterday went really well. Except for the fact they kept me totally awake (did someone forget my Versaid?) until they put me completely under. Which I really don't like. It wouldn't be so bad if I could have seen everything going on around me (most of what I watch on TV is medical shows so I am always comparing TV to real life. Which is really hard to do when you don't have your glasses and can't make out your surroundings). So yea, back to the point....I was fully awake and aware and had to scoot myself onto the operating table. And I was biting my lip and fighting the tears back. I would have much preferred to have been out of it for this portion of the program. The nice sleepy man (the same man that made Momma coffee the last time) put the mask on my face and his buddy put something into my IV. They kept saying to breath and I would be asleep any minute. But I wasn't. And to prove my point I kept my eyes wide open so they would know I wasn't asleep (side effect of watching some show the other night about surgery's gone wrong. The lady that wasn't out during her operation in which they REMOVED HER EYEBALL was fore front in my mind). Right after I reminded myself to something happened. But I don't know what...because I was asleep.

Woke up in pre-op with a very sweet yet annoying voice nurse tending to me. I wanted to tell her to please clear her throat. Then the pain. Oh Lord, the pain. Dilaudid to the rescue. I fought to shake off the sleepy feeling still taking me over but closed my eyes for a little bit. Mary, the very nice patient advocate person, came over with what I really glasses! She remembered my concerns and had gotten them from Steven and put them right on my face. I looked around, never missing a chance to people watch, and noticed a man beside me...who was without his big toe and complaining that his leg was itching..something about a skin graft. And the middle-aged lady across from me who was whining like a baby. And moaning. I'm not real sure what her ailment was. I mean, I was fairly calm even though I had this

attached to my face. The pain....more Dilaudid. Nice nurse lady was on top of my pain. I asked for something to drink and instead I got ice chips. Which she dropped down the front of my gown. And then went to get out. But I didn't care the 4'11" 250 pound lady was feeling me up because she had the good drugs in her pocket. I really had to pee but kept that information to myself b/c I knew they would bring me a bed pan. This lady doesn't 'do' bed pans. More Dilaudid. It's amazing I was still breathing at this point. Nurse lady said in the next department they have oral pain meds and she wanted to make sure I was loaded up before they sent me over there. She called for transport and then pushed the rest of the Dilaudid. I was moved over to another room with my own restroom to sip on a soda and Mom and Steven could come back. Twenty minutes later they finally appeared. I was not happy at their delay. They got lost (though not 20 minutes lost; I think the message didn't get to them at the speed I wanted it to). The rebel flag hat wearing transport man had to help me to the bathroom. I'm pretty sure he saw my butt. Again, I will lobby for proper fitting hospital gowns. Why must they all be made for people that are 6' around?

Anyways, I decided I was ready to leave. Which in Anne time means RIGHT NOW. I swear it took them forever to come take out my IV and let me get dressed. Steven brought me home and I dozed most of the day. Never more than 15-20 minutes at a time but did manage a fairly decent nights sleep. I woke up 3 or 4 times. The Dilaudid of yesterday is way gone and now I am very sore. It even hurts to smile. The good news is that there doesn't appear to be any nerve damage this time. The swelling isn't too horrible. Here are some photos from today....

Me last night icing my face:

This morning:

Somehow I think whatever dreams I had of being an ear ring model are dashed:

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