Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat Smell My Feet....

Introducing our 1983 Prom Queen, Ms. Arissa Freeman:

I would show you a photo of Isaiah. But he wouldn't show up in the picture. He went as his Uncle Jerry (head to toe camo and carrying a Nerf gun). He went trick or treating at Royal Blue with Aunt Carol and her family. Arissa went to a Halloween party out in Farragut. Steven and I went to a drama production at church and then had 6 trick or treaters at the house.

This year was certainly different than years past. And hopefully won't be repeated next year. I really missed our Annual Freeman Family Roast & Toast. (I will say that cancelling our festivities was a very smart move. Between my current state and the rain it would have been miserable). Next year will be better. There's always next year.

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MomToHunter said...

I agree.......... It wasn't the same. But it is what it is and Lord willing... we can resume the festivities next year.

Love you