Monday, June 14, 2010

Random Freeman Four Update

Let's see here....

School is out. I'm still waiting for final grades but I am assuming no news is good news and therefore, I am now the parent of a 6th grade girl and a high school boy. UGH!

Isaiah is currently at Myrtle Beach for youth camp with church. I hope he remembers to apply his sunscreen. Lots of it. And often.

Arissa is busy with cheer practices and tumbling class. She loves both and while she is sad that her dance career is over, she is still happy with her decision.

Steven is going thru, what I call, a midlife crisis. He whole heartily disagrees (denial is the first stage isn't it?). His old beater car needed to be replaced and he decided to get a type of car he's always wanted. It's a red, 2 door, convertible Toyota Celica GT. It's way cool. And he's happy. So that's all I really care about.

I am having more gut problems and will spend next Tuesday at the hospital having multiple tubes placed in various areas. I will praise the man that invented anesthesia in advance.

We have a new raccoon that really likes Purina Dog Chow and isn't phased by TBone. TBone has ran him up a tree several times and then dances around the tree barking like crazy. We are looking to purchase a firearm for said coon.

And the biggest news of all? ISAIAH IS FINALLY 5 FEET TALL!!! He had to roll into Cliff's last week for a random issue and while we were there I inquired about his (lack of) height. Cliff took him to the measurer thingy and I waited by our room. Mr. Cool 14 year old boy came running down the hall and jumped into my arms (darn near knocking me over. Hello...the kid only weighs about 15 pounds less than me) and joyfully announced the new measurement. We will celebrate when he returns from the beach.

So, that's that. Not much else to say right now.

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Barry said...

Holy cow - I will now be the parent of a high school boy and middle school girl this fall, too!

I'm the human voice behind the @Parkwest Twitter account :) Hope everything went well at the hospital!