Friday, December 31, 2010

I'm Alive

At my mother's urging I am updating my blog *waves HI to Mom*.

There hasn't been much to update but the Reader's Digest version is something like this:

High school is kicking Isaiah's butt. He has adjusted well to the social aspect of it but the academic aspect has been a real struggle. In a few days he goes back and as far as we are concerned, he is starting fresh. We aren't going to dwell on the disaster that was his first semester. He is working on earning back his privileges and we look forward to a wonderful 2011.

Arissa is thriving in 6th grade and is managing her heavy activity schedule and academics like a seasoned pro. She brought home straight A's on this last report card (a first for her without having the cushion of the "buy back" system that she had in 5th grade). She needed new school shoes and we added a monetary reward to get her the Sperry's she really wanted (they are the Sabago's of 2010). She has about a month left of basketball season cheering (up to 2 games a week), weekly practice, tumbling class and church. After the season is over she will still have tumbling and church but the other 2 will drop off. She has mastered her round off back handspring in the gym and is working very hard on being able to do it outside of the reassurance of the coach and the squishy mats. We are very proud of her, as she is the only new cheerleader to have come as far as she has (and has even passed several of the veteran cheerleaders).

Steven has taken up running in addition to his weight training. Unfortunately, he suffered a very common runners injury a few weeks ago and broke his foot. He is in a walking boot for 2 months and then he'll have to be reevaluated to see if he can resume his running.

At the time of the year when most people are signing up for gym memberships, I went against the grain and cancelled my membership. It was $40 a month that I was not using and have no desire to use. Now I have the best excuse EVER not to go workout. My weight is slowly improving and I've gained 5 pounds. After being painfully thin for so long those 5 pounds feel like 50. I am still struggling with my migraines and learned a few months ago that the bacteria in my stomach that has caused me so many problems is here to stay. It is "antibiotic resistant" and there is nothing more to do than treat the symptoms and watch for signs of active ulcers and/or the bacteria eating a whole in my stomach lining. So, yea, that's fun. I am still out of work and have begun to actively seek employment. As much as we feel it is best for my health to stay home, finances just won't allow it. Steven's switch to day shift has impacted us more than we expected and again we are in the position of real financial struggles. We are doing the best we can and trust that God has a plan; even though it may not be OUR plan. Which is always a hard pill to swallow.

We were able to enjoy a wonderful Christmas with our families. Having a little one in the family (Hunter) brought back the sweet side of the season we have been missing for years now. We have no plans to bring in the New Year and frankly, we'll be lucky if we manage to stay awake until midnight.

Wishing all of you a joyous and prosperous New Year!

Love to all,
The Freeman Four

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Thanks Anne! You had lots to say!
Love you bunches! Mom