Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Anyone who works outside of the home (and heck, even in the home....okay..basically MOM's in general) know how hard it is to balance your needs with the family's needs; your wants with the family's wants; the "have to's" and the "need to's"; all while wearing that "I got my shit together" smile and high heels. There are times that you really DO have it all together, then there are times that you don't. And when you don't...boy is it UGLY.

Last week was one of those weeks. I've been pretty quite on all my normal outlets (Facebook, Twitter, even dance class). Tears were choked back more than once. My face in my hands more times than I can count. I got more than one email/text asking if I was mad at various people. Not mad...just drowning in too-many-things-not-enough-time. Add to that my voice of sanity and clarity was out of town. It's just the way life is sometimes. Doesn't make it any less suckier when it happens though. Thankfully, I have a great helpmate in Steven and he helped the best he could...offering love and encouragement...like he always does.

Last week culminated with my losing.my.sanity. on various members of my family last night.

Sometimes a little crazy goes a long way.

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