Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I've Been Duped!

Here I thought the sofa was my birthday present. In hindsight, the couch is a family item and therefore shouldn't be tagged as a birthday gift. Lucky for me, Steven felt the same way and showed up at my office yesterday with the above and also the boombox so I can listen in my office too. What a swell guy I married! Of course, my afternoon was shot since I disregarded my work duties and instead concentrated my efforts on getting the new toy set up. I am super happy with it. I don't know where all the ''good" stations are located so I have to get my presets programmed (blanket apologies to Knoxvillians/Oak Ridgers: If a silver Camry swerved in your lane, took too long at the stop sign, didn't use a turn signal, etc. please forgive me--I was channel surfing). I was so engrossed in my toy that I completely forgot to take Kamry to pick up clothes for today until I was in my driveway--hey, at least I didn't forget HER!
Steven had a game last night. They played a team that was younger and well, I am pretty sure they go tractor tippin' to get their kicks. They lost by like 2 points and he is sporting a very swollen eye that is probably black this morning. He didn't even draw the foul call-what an injustice.
Later today I go to the headache lady; then to get the kids and race to the Boys Club for Isaiah's 5:30 game; dart out of there and head with Arissa to the CHEETAH GIRLS CONCERT. I wasn't home until after 11 last night and after midnight the night before. I am beat. I need a vacation day. Somehow, I don't see that happening.

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