Friday, February 2, 2007

NBA Bound......Or Not

"Let me show you how it's done"

Look at that form...
Side note: #22 on the sidelines is every bit of 60 years old...
I was looking for the defibulator the whole game.

Doing what he does best--asking the refs why they can't get
any of the calls right???

"Maybe if I hold on the the bottom of my shorts I won't pass
out from exhaustion....I'm too old for this"

Another great game....they won by a 10 point margin. Steven managed to avoid getting hit in the head this game. This is a good thing since the eye doctor warned that his retina is very thin....He detached it when he was younger and the hit he got a few weeks ago knocked the gel in his eye loose. He may end up blind from playing rec basketball but at least he's having fun. I must say, so far this season has only cost us a $15 co-pay to have the eye looked at....much less than a few years ago when he played and broke his hand just a month before our wedding.

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