Friday, March 16, 2007

Arissa's Surgery

Overall you could say things went pretty well. There were a few bumps in the process beginning last night when I didn't leave work until 5pm which put us behind schedule. I rushed home, got Arissa's hair down, dropped her off at Kathy's to get her hair done then off to Wal-Mart to stock up on throat friendly foods. A full buggy and $125 later I rushed home, unloaded the groceries, got Steven and Isaiah, picked up Arissa and we went to IHOP. Arissa asked to go there as her "last meal". We didn't get home until almost 10pm. My plan was for her to sleep as late as she wanted so she wouldn't get hungry and whiney. Well, she was up at 8am and asking for breakfast. Steven took her to play golf. She got to drive the cart and they made it home in enough time to take a bath and we headed to the surgery center. From there, things went pretty quick. We only waited about 10 minutes for them to come get her. Since she is a child they let Steven and I go with her and stay with her until she went to the OR. When they took her back was the only time she cried and I teared up too. We walked out to the waiting room and was greeted by our great friend, Wayne Smith. He wanted to pray with Arissa before she went back to surgery but they didn't let us know he was there in enough time. So instead he prayed with Steven and I in the waiting room. I thought he would leave after that, but he stayed with us until the doctor came out and talked to us and let us know that she was okay. They said it would be a few minutes and we could go back with her. We got back to her and she was sleeping soundly. That lasted about 7 minutes before she woke up in pain, confused and mad. She began flailing around and crying. She pulled off her leads and about pulled her IV out. She looked at me and had no idea who I was. Then she vomitted. In mere minutes we had 4 nurses in our room, equipment everywhere, a mom who was scared to death and a daddy in the corner covering his eyes. They got some medicine in her and she fell back to sleep. About another hour passed and she woke up a different child. She drank and had 2 popcicles before we left. She is snuggled in daddy's spot on the bed watching TV with Isaiah.

Of course, I have pictures to share:

Passing time in the playroom at the surgery center

Getting some love from Daddy

Talking with the "make you sleepy lady"

After surgery, Steven stealing some sugar

After the 'come-apart' and the hour of extra sleep

Getting ready to head home

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