Saturday, March 3, 2007

Headaches, Co-Pays, Basketball and More Co-Pays

Another thrilling week here in Our Pod....I guess the smart thing to do here would be to back you up to Saturday after I posted....

Still feeling yucky but figured it was all the drugs I took earlier in the day. WRONG WRONG WRONG....woke up Sunday morning with the headache back in full force. So I took the medicine like I was told to do and headed to church. The service was barely started and there was no way I could stick it out for the next hour. Carol said I was pale and clammy. To make matters worse, it was a day where Father used incense. That pretty well sent me over the top. We made a quiet and hasty exit. I decided enough was enough and asked Carol to take me to the ER. She called Mom and Steven. Mom met us there to get the kids and Steven made it there in less than 10 minutes and was by my side. I laid in a dark room for 2 hours with no one even checking on me. I decided I could lay in the dark for free at home and told Steven I wanted to leave. So we left without me being seen or treated. The mistreatment I received has been addressed with hospital administration but it still makes me mad! It takes a lot to send me to the ER so the fact that I was ignored didn't sit well with me. Any who..Called my doc Monday morning and she got me in Tuesday. She added another med and ordered an MRI. I went for that yesterday. They let me leave so I take it that means I don't have a brain tumor, which is a good thing.

Isaiah had his last regular season game on Tuesday. Aunt Carol's best friend (and a terrific friend to the whole family) and her husband and son came. Isaiah thinks the world of Bill and was very excited to see him in the crowd (although, in an effort to remain "cool" didn't let it show). Afterwards Mom and Daddy, Carol, Kathy and her kids, Yvette, Bill, Adam, Me and Steven and our 2 all went to Mr Gatti's for dinner. We had a really good time. It was definitely something we should do again!

Arissa finished her meds for strep on Monday. Tuesday night I noticed she wasn't herself. Wednesday morning Steven took her to the doc........any guesses? Anyone? Anyone? Yep, STREP THROAT!! This infection won her a very painful penicillin shot and a referral to an ENT to have the tonsils removed. We go March 13 to see what we do next. Arissaism: Isaiah got home from school Wed and asked Arissa what the doc said...her reply "I have stwep again and Dr James said my LUNGS have to come out!" Isaiah was quick to point out to her that one can not live without their lungs. We have her straightened out and she now knows that it is her tonsils. She can't wait until we go to the ENT so she can ask if she can keep them in a jar (thanks to Grandpa for telling her that is what he did!).

We'll I am off to help Isaiah prepare a presentation on Germany. It is very hard to find a recipe that is German that sounds appetizing to a 10 year old...Why couldn't he have picked France or somewhere else where they have yummy food? Heck, China would have been great...I actually know how to make rice!

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