Sunday, April 1, 2007

Desperately Seeking.....

A dress appropriate for Easter and Arissa's First Communion. Why oh why must everything be strapless and thigh high? I mean really, is it too much to ask for a hip, modest dress that doesn't resemble a tent? I have been to the mall, to the shops at Turkey Creek, and while at K-Mart found myself scanning their selection. You KNOW I am desperate when I even look at K-Mart clothes. The only thing I have found that was even close was a size 12 (too big) and a mere $268 (too expensive). Let's just say it is still hanging at the store. I am not very open minded when it comes to my clothes...I know what I want and will not settle. I think that could be my downfall on this endeavor.

This week was way calmer than previous weeks. Monday was spent at the salon getting the first pedi of the season. Tuesday found me cleaning house. I know, I know...utter shock from you guys. I cleaned for 4 whole hours. I replaced shower liners, washed shower curtains, vacuumed under beds and dressers, cleaned every inch of hardwood, scrubbed 3 toilets, 3 sinks and 3 tubs. Wednesday I could totally feel the burn from the previous night. I was so sore I could hardly walk. Folks at work got plenty of laughs from my pain. Wednesday evening the kids had church so I dumped them at the door and went to the mall. After I returned a pair of pants, I killed the rest of the hour just window shopping. Then I saw her.....Candice Parker....DUDE, she is one super duper tall chick. My head only came to her shoulders and she is stick skinny. I must admit, she is prettier in person than on TV. It says a lot about a woman who is gorgeous WITHOUT makeup.

Thursday and Friday were nothing to speak of and Saturday was exhausting. Carol and I took Arissa to finalize her communion dress choice, find a veil and shoes. We also picked out her invites for her party and went to Party City for supplies. I had to overrule her choice of decor for her special party. I was NOT having a tiki-torch themed communion party. It's bad enough that the child ends most prayers with a resounding "Everybody Dance Now" and I felt the need to curb her irreverence. She tried to compromise with a Bratz pinata...I squashed that one too. My money, my choice! Of course, we managed to make an entire day of these errands. Hey, its not OUR fault we got sidetracked....testing out Sleep Number beds, an emergency shoe purchase b/c Arissa and I were very uncomfortable, lunch, make-overs at Belk, running into an old get the idea.

This morning Steven and I got the shock of our lives. We heard a knock on the door at 9am and I hollered WHAT?! In came Isaiah and Arissa each carrying a plate of waffles. Isaiah said "Mommy waffles" and Arissa handed Steven his and said "Daddy waffles". Not wanting to destroy such a touching moment but both of us thinking the same thing, Steven spoke first. "What have you all done wrong??" They replied nothing, that they were just being nice. They came back with milk for me and OJ for Steven. Then brought Steven a cup of fruit and also the paper. I managed to choke down my waffles (not that they were bad, I mean they were EGGO and they were hot and they had butter and syrup but I am very picky about the amount of syrup and my waffles were all but paddling through the river of syrup). The kids even cleaned up the mess they made in the kitchen and came back to get our dirty dishes. What great kids we have! Bonus for me: Steven brought me breakfast in bed yesterday, too!

After a wonderful breakfast and with the rain pouring I was really struggling to get out of bed and go to church. I decided that rain wasn't a very good reason to skip church...It is Palm Sunday and rain seemed like a pretty lame reason to skip considering the sacrifices that Jesus made. I am glad we went, too. One, I always feel better after I go to church. Although we did have the priest from Uganda that I can't understand but if we had skipped then my mother may have very well ended up a fashion fiasco come Easter morning. Breath easy, the dress has been returned and a WAY better choice was made. Mom, Carol, Kathy, Arissa and I had some girl time. Basically it consisted of us acting like we had no home-training, Arissa limping through stores b/c her feet hurt and hiding in clothes racks like she was 2. We got Mom appropriate shoes and Carol scored a cute pair of flip flops. The day culminated with me sulking back to the car, empty handed, and going to Starbucks.

Praying for the dress to appear in my closet,



Aunt Carol said...

For the love of Cheese and Crackers, I hope, no I pray you find that dress SOON!

Aunt Carol said...

I am glad you found a dress, actually 2!! I pray that you are well enough to be able to enjoy at least one of them for Easter.
I love you to the moon and stars and back again.
Your big, bad, oldest sister : )