Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter and Hospitals......

Well I finally found the Easter dress. Not that it really mattered in the long run because I ended up in the hospital. Yep, you read right, yours truely spent 2 glorious nights and 3 fun filled days at Methodist. It really started Saturday. My throat was killing me but I tried to ignore it. Sunday and Monday were the same. I woke up Tuesday practically in tears b/c my throat and neck hurt so bad. I went in to work and waited for the other girl to get there then left to go to the walk-in clinic. Steven met me there. The doc suspected strep but the test came back negative. She thought I did have strep though so she gave me a script for an antibiotic. I went back to work to close up my office and picked up Arissa who was at her Granny's not feeling well. I made her an appointment and took her to her doc and found out it was nothing major, just a serious case of allergies. Her nose was swollen shut and she had cobblestoning in her eyes which feels like sand. He changed her nose spray and gave us a script for Clarinex. We dropped off our scripts, picked up some 'sick' foods and headed home. We layed in the bed and watched TV with both of us dosing in and out. Everything feel apart about 7:15....I started vomiting. Steven came home and found me laying in the bathroom floor. I thought that would be it but about 10 I vomited again. I slept through the night and when the alarm went off at 6 for Isaiah, my first visit was to the bathroom to vomit yet again. This went on all morning. I took some Phenegran I had but after 2 hours I was still vomiting. I called my mom who came to my rescue once again and took me to the ER where I proceeded to vomit 2 more times. They put in an IV and gave me fluids and Zofran. They ran some blood work and came back and said that I don't have strep, that I have mono and b/c of the vomiting and 9 out of 10 headache I had that I needed to be admitted. I was NOT happy but was so sick that I really didn't care. They got me in a room and tried to get the headache to go away. I had 2 injections of Imitrex, 2 injections of Benedryl and Reglan and 4 injections of Morphine. The fourth Morphine infusion finally got the headache to go away and stay away but by this point it was Thursday evening and they didn't want to send me home. So I stayed another night and go to come home Friday about noon. Friday and Saturday I stayed in the bed and Sunday I managed to go to church and to my parents for Easter. Monday I decided I was going back to work...BIG MISTAKE. By the time I got there I was beat. I stayed about 2 hours then came home until my doc appt at 2:20. The doc wasn't happy that I went to work and ordered me to bed until Monday. He said I could go back Monday part-time and to just take it day by day and to listen to my body. I have watched more stupid TV and colored like a 6 year old. I LOVE color wonder by Crayola. I treated my self to 2 new coloring books yesterday. I am just hanging out at the house, doing what I feel like doing, and nothing more. Steven is my rock and has picked up the slack like a pro.

Here are some Easter pics....notice the puffy, out of it eyes on my face...A picture of beauty I must admit!

The Entire Pod: Anne, Steven, Zaakirah, Yndaisha,

Arissa, Isaiah and Demetrius
Real Men Wear PINK

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Aunt Carol said...

Please make sure that you color outside of the lines!!
Eat, sleep, and be lazy......... and you will get better soon.
Love you to the moon and stars and back again.