Friday, April 20, 2007

Quick Update

First of all on the medical front with me.....I am feeling much better. Actually today I am tempted to say "great" but for fear that the mono gods will hear me I will not say it out loud. I worked 4 hours Mon, Tues and Wed then was off yesterday and today. Steven and I are going on a marriage retreat and my boss felt it was more important for me to rest and be able to go to that than to work (also because we are going on this trip with my boss and his wife and he really didn't want us to have to skip it). So-the doctor says to limit work for the next 6 weeks and to just take it easy. I have ZERO appetite and am quickly wasting away (proof is the fact I am able to wear some size 4's and I own the exact same items in a size 8) but I am working hard to eat. I don't think to eat when I am not hungry and therefore lies the problem.

Arissa turned 8 on Wednesday....Seems like just yesterday that I was laying in the bathroom floor being talked through delivery by a very kind 911 operator. We took her to Applebee's for dinner and they embarrassed her just like we asked. Mom and Daddy joined us and we had a good time. I have pics but no time to upload so I'll add them later.

Isaiah is, well, Isaiah. Let's just say we are having some typical 11 year old boy that knows everything issues. Steven has taken him to task and we are starting to see some improvements. I relate all issues to MIDDLE SCHOOL. I HATE MIDDLE SCHOOL. It would suit me just fine if the kid had never left the 4th grade. Since he started middle school there has been a total change. Of course, none of this is Isaiah's fault....middle school carries 100% of the blame (sarcasm).

Steven is still a rock for our family. The kids have been fed and clothed everyday and so far haven't taken a sandwich to school with "blue stuff" on it. (Yes, last year he actually packed lunches using moldy bread....thankfully the school knew I was recovering from surgery and therefore calls to DHS were avoided). The only thing he isn't able to handle is Arissa's hair. I knew it was time to take action when I received a email from her teacher offering to do Arissa's hair. First of all, this teacher rocks BUT she wouldn't know where to begin with Arissa's corkscrew ringlets of "ethnic" hair. Instead, I called Aunt Kathy and she whipped the do for me. Thank God for sisters!

Speaking of sisters, please pray for Carol. She is leaving early Sunday morning to take 100 8th graders on the annual DC trip. Personally, I would rather poke my eyes out and eat dirt than go ANYWHERE with 8th graders but this is Carol who is totally gifted with kids. Pray for their safety and sanity.

Praises this week to Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Anyone who has spent any time around me knows of my fear of co-pays. I am the mother yelling at her kids at the playground to "BE CAREFUL ...A CO-PAY ISN'T IN THE BUDGET THIS WEEK!!" Or "If you get hurt doing what I have told you NOT to do then I am taking the co-pay out of your account". Steven also has these concerns...I heard him tell Arissa (in one of my morphine altered states) after she dropped ketchup on the extra bed in my room..."Great Arissa, now they are going to charge us for 2 beds". Of course, one can't help but wonder as their kid and then themselves are be admitted to the hospital about how much is this going to cost...I found out today that Arissa's stay was covered 100%. I am optimistic that the same will happen for my hospital charges. If not, then that is what payment plans are for. Side note: we really aren't as anal as it sounds about health care costs. It's more of a running me, my idle threats in no way alters the way the kids behave.

So, my "quick update" has turned into a lengthy novel. I am headed off to start to get ready. I have to leave in 2 hours and I've not even been in the shower.
Be sure to check in next week...Arissa makes her First Holy Communion. I am sure to have some tales to tell (not to mention tons of pics).

Anna Banana

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Allison said...

hey! news: we're moving back to knoxville, in 2 weeks. long story. i'll fill you in later. :)