Sunday, June 24, 2007

Another Week

Well another week of summer has passed......Arissa has almost completely healed from her bike wreck. The elbow looks great and the knee has finally scabbed. She has started cheerleading practice and gone to cheer camp. The injury hasn't slowed her down one bit. She is on a squad this year that will compete so that takes up 3 nights of our week. She will also be on the squad that cheers for the football team. I am the assistant coach for the football squad so things are pretty busy for us and are going to get much more so once the football squad starts practicing.

Isaiah has 1 week of summer school left. He said he really likes it and he feels like it is helping so it seems like we made the right choice in enrolling him in the enrichment classes. The only part that both of us hate is having to get up so early! He gets up at 7:15 and we leave at 7:45. For most I am sure that time isn't early at all but considering it is summer and I am not working it makes it very hard to get up and get going.

Arissa got her hair done at a salon. I found that the TN School of Beauty only charges $26 to do her corn-rows. We decided to give it a shot and we were both very pleased. We took her portable DVD player so she sat in the chair and watched a movie while they braided her up. The stylists were all very impressed with her behavior. We have an appt to get them re-done in a few weeks. The stylist mentioned that her braids will hold better if we add some weave to her natural hair. So we got pink hair. He is going to braid it in next time we go and then the next time she can't have pink. School and cheerleading will be starting and I don't think the school or the cheer judges would find the humor in pink hair!

Last Friday I had an out of body experience. I had energy that I hadn't had in months. I took the 2 sets of mattress/box springs out of Isaiah's room; took apart his bunk beds; hauled all the parts down to the garage; cleaned every inch of his hardwood. Then we went to Arissa's room--hauled her mattress/box spring to the garage; her frame and headboard; and cleaned her hardwood. Went to the mattress store and got her a new mattress/boxspring and 3 frames. Came back, hauled the new bedding upstairs; assembled the frames; but all 3 beds on their frames and left again. We got Arissa new bedding (her previous bed was a twin and her new one is a full size), lamp, side table, pillows. Then to K-Mart to find Isaiah a new stand for his TV and to Radio Shack to get Daddy his Fathers Day gift. Came back, made the beds, assembled the stand and cleaned up. It was hard work! Isaiah was a great help to me! We did all of this while Steven was at work and Arissa wasn't much help with her injuries but Isaiah did a great job. He used muscles he didn't know he had and we were both sore the next morning. But, we bonded and made memories so that makes it all worth it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

She Fought The Bike........

And the bike won.......

What a great way to start off our summer. A mere 20 days after learning how to ride a bike, Arissa had a disagreement with what direction the bike wanted to go and ended up eating pavement, or as the photos below will show, the pavement ate her. Although she was wearing a helmet, she wasn't wearing knee pads or elbow pads (not her fault, she can't wear what she doesn't own). I came home from a funeral to the bar being covered in cotton balls, several different varieties of band-aids, ointments and peroxide. Steven told me that Arissa had a bike wreck and thought she might need a stitch. I called the doc and because of the depth of the knee wound they thought she needed to go to the ER. A phone call to Aunt Carol (at Arissa's request) and a drop off of Isaiah and we were on our way to Childrens. They got us in pretty quick and the doc took a look at everything and said that there wasn't anything to stitch. The part of her knee that needed to be stitched was gone (Arissa has tried finding it in the street!) so the only thing we could do was numb it, scrub it, put some medicine on it and dress it. She got really lucky. Her elbow is pretty bad. If she had hit it just a bit farther down she probably would have cracked the bone. She held up like a trooper and had her Aunt Carol and Daddy jumping at her every request. She didn't sleep well last night and ended up in our bed and I got wedged out. I went to her bed and tried to sleep. Let me just say, the child needs a new bed BAD! I should have just slept on the deck, it would probably have been softer. Oh well, at least her and Steven slept well.

The elbow injury

The knee wound (covered with a numbing gel
and clear covering).

Always dramatic, Arissa is playing dead.
You all know what is coming next.....

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Deers and Ears

Well, Aunt Carol got herself a new ride. A super cute 2006 KIA Sportage, 4400 miles, pristine condition. Until last night, that is. A mere 21 hours after driving it off the lot a deer decided to hit her. She is okay but the same can't be said about the car. Poor Carol, she finally gets a nice ride and Bambi decides to commit suicide and leaped right out in front of Carol. The damage is significant and the car isn't drivable. Mom is in Palm Beach taking care of her sick mom so we took Carol Mom's car so she will have something to drive until the insurance can get her claim going and get her a rental.

Last night about 9pm I was hit with terrible ear pain that radiated down through my jaw. I woke up with the same pain and was whining. So Steven took me to the walk in clinic. I have a double ear infection. I feel like a 2 year old. I seem too old to have such ailments as ear infections. Of course, I am far from normal so I really shouldn't be surprised. I now know what my kids have felt with their ear infections. No wonder they were such crabs, this thing really, really hurts.

The umbrella survived. It is a bit crooked but other than that it is okay.

The trainer thing is going really well. I love my trainer. She is a really cool girl. Steven and I went yesterday and I did my assigned routine and he got buff. I am feeling better a little at a time and am trying hard to push myself to eat. I am keeping a food diary and while I am eating it seems like I am doing well but when I go back and read what I ate in a day it doesn't add up to much. Oh well, at least I am trying.

I am off to bed; Arissa is getting her 'do whipped by Aunt Kathy, Isaiah is riding his bike and Steven is headed to the links.

Remember--watch for leaping deer!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Rainy Days

So---apparently today isn't our day. We headed out for the pool, got there, got settled, kids got in pool and BAM, the rain comes pouring. I gathered up the towels and their clothes and headed for the overhang. We ran to the car and came home, got showers, etc. and the rain stopped. We decided to go to the movies. The whole time we were in the theatre the weather was nice. We got home, the kids headed out on bikes. Sky turned black, thunder rolled, lightening flashed.....back they came, wet again. No biggie.....then Isaiah yells MOM THE UMBRELLA!!! I looked out on the deck to see my patio furniture being pulled across the deck and the umbrella inside out trying to pull the table over the railing. I gathered my courage and went out....tried to close umbrella to no avail. Then pulled the umbrella out of the table and tried to close it. This was stupid b/c my 130 pounds was no match to the winds and rain and an umbrella that really wanted to be let go. So I did the reasonable thing, let the umbrella go and watched it fly across the yard. Not sure if it will ever be found and if it is, not sure of what condition it will be in. It was a good umbrella, hopefully it will come home with minimal damage.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Sports Bras and Yoga Pants

So I dreamt the other night about sports bras and yoga pants. I think it was my mind reminding me of my decision to feel better. So today I did it. I joined a gym and got a trainer. I go for the first time tomorrow. In true Anne style, this also meant purchasing cute work-out clothes and suitable footwear. I never realized how small ones bust looks in a sports bra. Of course, when you have nothing to begin with this only magnifies the situation. This fact was confirmed when I showed Isaiah and Arissa the first outfit in the dressing room and Isaiah promptly asks "um, Mom, where did your boobs go?" My reply was honest....."son, they are laying in the dressing room floor". Not sure if Isaiah got what I was saying but the reply must have satisfied his curiosity b/c he didn't say anything else. Bonus for taking your kids with you shopping--Isaiah was so kind to point out that the white tank (although lined) did not hide the very unappealing part of ones chest. Nothing says close relationship with son like him pointing out that your nips are showing. Man I love that kid. Please pray for my trainer. I'm not sure she is fully aware of the true princess/pain in the butt/whiner I can be. I did make it clear to the guy that toured me today that I will not be apart of any activities that will mess up my mani and pedi. He laughed. I hope he knows how serious I am.