Friday, June 8, 2007

Rainy Days

So---apparently today isn't our day. We headed out for the pool, got there, got settled, kids got in pool and BAM, the rain comes pouring. I gathered up the towels and their clothes and headed for the overhang. We ran to the car and came home, got showers, etc. and the rain stopped. We decided to go to the movies. The whole time we were in the theatre the weather was nice. We got home, the kids headed out on bikes. Sky turned black, thunder rolled, lightening flashed.....back they came, wet again. No biggie.....then Isaiah yells MOM THE UMBRELLA!!! I looked out on the deck to see my patio furniture being pulled across the deck and the umbrella inside out trying to pull the table over the railing. I gathered my courage and went out....tried to close umbrella to no avail. Then pulled the umbrella out of the table and tried to close it. This was stupid b/c my 130 pounds was no match to the winds and rain and an umbrella that really wanted to be let go. So I did the reasonable thing, let the umbrella go and watched it fly across the yard. Not sure if it will ever be found and if it is, not sure of what condition it will be in. It was a good umbrella, hopefully it will come home with minimal damage.

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