Thursday, July 19, 2007

Stay Tuned..

We are back safe and sound from the beach. I have TONS of pics to share but don't have the energy right now to post them. I will provide you with a summary of our trip:

Sunday: Arrived at hotel approx. 6pm; checked in, changed clothes and headed to the beach. It was so beautiful! We LOVED it! Went to dinner (in our bathing suits) and danced to a tone-deaf reggae singer. It felt so good to not care what anyone thought of us.
Later that night, Steven went out for a walk. After 30-45 minutes passed I decided to try to find him, hoping that the gators that lived at our hotel hadn't eaten him (honest---there were gators at our hotel). I got off the elevator and there he stood covered in sweat. Apparently, my husband had "borrowed" two bikes that were apparently returned late and weren't chained up. So off we went to the beach (me in my jammies with no bra--see what I mean about not caring what people think??). We rode around the "circle" where all the shops are and checked out the area. We headed back to the hotel and returned the bikes to where they were supposed to be and walked back to our room. Once the kids found out what we had done, they wanted to go too. So, Steven took them out and they again "borrowed" the 2 bikes. Arissa was put in the baby seat on the back of Stevens bike and Isaiah rode his alone. Arissa got scared in the seat and asked to be brought back to the room (who can blame her...those seats are made for toddlers, not 8 year olds!). Steven and Isaiah headed down to the beach, both crashing once their tires hit the sand, and walked the shore in the dark. Isaiah told me it was an awesome time and he was happy he made memories with Steven.
Monday: We headed to the beach in full force. A HUGE SPF 50 umbrella, 4 beach chairs, 2 beach bags and a cooler. We read and played and had a great day. Steven left us to play golf and we hung out awhile longer. We headed back to the hotel pool for a more restful swim. We showered and went to eat at Captain Woody's Bar and Grill. Food was pretty good, atmosphere was okay (didn't really see what all the hype was about) but the t-shirts rocked so me, Carol and Arissa got one. We also picked up one for the neighbor girl next door that was feeding and watering T-Bone and Maddi for us.
Tuesday: We were beyond fried from the previous day (especially me) so we hung out at the hotel pool all day until it was time to get ready for our DOLPHIN CRUISE. Steven golfed again. It was really cool. We saw lots of dolphins and then a fireworks show. We cruised for 2 1/2 hours and the kids LOVED it! We picked up New York style pizza on our way back to the hotel and ate in our room which the kids thought was pretty cool since they aren't allowed to eat in their rooms.
Wednesday: We headed back to the beach. We stayed about 3-4 hours then another 2 hours at the hotel pool. By this day Steven had given up on South Carolina golf. The wind wasn't working for him and the courses were eating his lunch. We got cleaned up and headed to the beach for a 'photo session'. We went to eat at a seafood place in the circle...can't remember the name...where the food was much better than before. After dinner we cruised through the open air market and the shops. We picked up our souvenirs, got ice cream, then walked the beach one last time. Carol was a fraidy-cat and wouldn't let her feet get wet because it was dark but the rest of us let the waves crash over our feet.
Thursday: Finished loading the cars; got our fill of free breakfast; hit Starbucks; then hit the road. We got home about 5:30ish to find a very wet and muddy Maddi and the house just the way we left it. Tomorrow I will be getting my nails done (the saltwater ruined them), getting the car washed to get the salt off of it, vacuuming tons of sand out, and finishing the mountain of laundry. Unfortunately, Steven has to work tomorrow and Saturday. I am okay with that, though, because I wouldn't have wanted him to miss this trip!

Check back for pics soon...promise I'll get them posted and hopefully I won't over-do it!

The sandy peas,


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