Monday, August 13, 2007

First Day

No, I didn't have to bribe them to touch each other.

Don't they look so bright-eyed and bushy tailed? Just can't wait to get the day started? There is a reason for that...this picture was taken AFTER they got home from school. Slacker Mom here forgot all about a picture until we were walking into Arissa's school. Oh well..they still look the same! And yes, for those of you that have been around awhile--Arissa is wearing the same outfit she did last year on the first day. She claims its a tradition. She also wears the same outfit every time she goes to the dentist. The kid is weird, what can I say?

Proof that your boy is growing up...first day of school and I had to drop him at the curb. No walking him in, meeting his teacher, NOTHING. A "let me out here mom" and off he went. At least Arissa still wants us both to take her in on the first day. It would appear that Steven is there only to carry her supplies in and I am there only b/c I am the mom. She had zero interest in us once we were allowed to go to her classroom. I don't even recall her telling me good-bye.

Her and Steven will begin their normal routine tomorrow morning. They have certain houses that they look at every morning to see if the dogs are out and he lets her listen to music that I don't let them listen to. She will be a "car-rider" in the afternoons until my surgery then will take the bus to Granny's. Isaiah rides the bus both ways. Any bets on how many keys he'll lose this year? From last year there are 3 keys to our house floating around Oak Ridge that he lost.

Off to do my homework...both kids need a million papers completed in triplicate with a DNA sample and a retina scan (just a little sarcasm).

Parent Pea,

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