Thursday, September 20, 2007

Because I Can't Do Anything The Easy Way

I am updating our blog from my hospital room at St. Marys. I was admitted yesterday and am hoping to go home tonight. I am reading your mind and you are wondering what has happened now that has landed my beautiful face another stay at the wonderful facility. Well, my bowels were inpacted. I have a photo of me taken yesterday when I first got here and to say my stomach was distended is the understatement of the century. Talk about MISERABLE. I will spare the details. Heather arrived Tuesday night for what was supposed to be nail/shopping/girl-time Wednesday. That plan got slightly derailed when Steven saw my stomach Wednesday morning. I called Dr Vicks office and Alicia called me back. She told me to head to the Women's Pavilion. Heather and I (who ALWAYS have their priorities in order) decided that our 'appointment' at 130 would require a delay in our arrival at SMHS. I called Alicia back, told her I would be there closer to 330 or 400 and Heather and I left. We took care of the important things first. We went to Starbucks, then our 130 mani/pedi appointment, Chick Fil A and THEN we went to SMHS. I was scared because I didn't know what to expect. Like every woman, I needed my Mommy. Mom was able to leave work a bit early and was at the hospital before any procedures took place. Mom stayed until about 1030. Heather made her bed and we snuggled in for the night. Which if you realize what bowel inpaction is then you will realize that sleeping isn't an option. The morning dawned with a GI consult and tests. Thankfully, Heather is able to stay with me and Steven didn't have to miss any work. As a matter of fact, Daddy and Steven were on the course while Mom and Heather took care of me. Steven took care of the kids last night and this morning then came by here before he went into work. He also came and walked with me on his lunch hour. Mom and Heather are working on the details of tonight. I am not worried about the kids b/c I know that they will be well looked after. I am truly blessed to have such an awesome friend in Heather and an incredible support system! Heather has felt the need to photograph these events and I'll be sure to post them later (no worries, they are just the miserable faces of Anne and her belly).

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