Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'll take your co-pay now...

They say that like they are doing you a favor. Like it gives me great pleasure to give them money! This morning found me and Arissa at our friends office, the great Dr James. Dr James loves us because we are there so much last year that I am confident we paid his mortgage a few times. To our surprise, Dr James was on vacation and we saw Dr Tan instead. This worked out just fine though b/c we saw Dr Tan when Arissa was inpatient in the spring. We were told that Dr Tan will be joining Dr James full time in January. I think it is great b/c Dr James is the only one in his practice and until a few months ago actually took his own calls every single night! Talk about committed. Anyways, Arissa went through the usual (61lbs) and Dr Tan decided she should pee in a cup. Dude, I need some serious practice on little girl urine samples. Arissa and I both needed lots of soap when we were done. All that to find out she has a terrible cold. I am glad it is something simple but I hate it when there isn't a pill to fix what ails. And Isaiah and Mom--no amount of ice or Nasonex or gauze or Vicks will fix it. We are stuck treating the symptoms to get her some relief. Much to Arissa's dismay, she is out of school until Monday. This is b/c she is very dizzy with double vision at times and Dr Tan doesn't feel like school is a safe environment. She doesn't have to miss any activities as long as an adult is with her to keep an eye on her. So we are snuggled in my bed watching childrens television. I am out of the loop on childrens television so when Arissa turned on Hip Hop Harry I was shocked. Has anyone seen this show?
Harry raps and dances and even sports a sag. This show is super annoying. Thankfully it was only 30 minutes long. Harry has his own website and his own MySpace page. He is apparently the new Barney. I say give me Blues Clues any day of the week over Harry.


Anonymous said...

what about the cookie dough party?

Anne said...

Daddy--It isn't time for the MEGA PARTY so she won't miss it.