Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Post Op Update

Well I survived my surgery. To say it was awful is the understatement of the century. Below you will find a recap of events. CAUTION: statements made from this point further may or may not be true. The events are according to me and therefore are probably incorrect.

My terrific friend Heather arrived Tuesday afternoon. We did some shopping, got our nails/toes done, met Steven and the kids at Big Ed's for pizza, then hit the grocery store in a major way. My first mistake in the whole process was waiting until 2:30 am to begin my "Fleet" procedure. I got 2 whole hours of sleep that night. Momma met us at the hospital. You would have thought they were giving away free cars for the amount of people that were in the surgery waiting room. When I say standing room only, I am not exaggerating. My dear friend, Wayne appeared and passed the time with us. Steven and I were finally taken back to a pre-op room where they began my "stuff". Low and behold, I passed the pregnancy test so the surgery proceeded as scheduled. Wayne prayed with Steven and I then left to allow mom and Heather to come in. They stayed with me until I was whisked away to the "holding room". I clearly recall all the events in the holding room, none of which are worth repeating.

I vaguely recall telling the OR nurse that I wanted a hat like hers. Then I woke up and was in major pain, was aggravated that I couldn't see, and had to pee. They told me to pee b/c I had a cath. Once I finally got up to my room I demanded my glasses. Why in the world did my husband feel the need to put my glasses in the car I have no idea. I specifically remember telling him to keep them with him. I was very agitated at this point. To hear my family tell it, I put on quite the show. It would seem that the morphine pump and I had too close of a relationship and I was high as a kite. I do recall the pump quit working and I went without pain meds for about an hour. I didn't sleep much that night but Steven snoozed and snored. They took my cath out at 5am and I was so thrilled to be rid of that thing. I 'went' once and then my bladder wouldn't release. It was terrible pain, having a full bladder that I couldn't empty. They ended up re-cathing me and I got some relief. At some point in the day I had a major meltdown and Steven asked something to make me sleep. My doc didn't want me to go home b/c I wasn't able to void and my pain wasn't under control but my insurance had other plans. We left the hospital in the dark of night, me still sporting the catheter. Friday morning found me in terrible pain from bladder spasms so we had to go to the office b/c I felt like my bladder wasn't emptying. They reinserted the cath and gave me some meds. Sometime Friday night the pain was too much and Steven took me to the ER. I think Carol was here at that time, though I could be wrong. I vaguely remember having an ultrasound and I think I made Steven go to Krystal's. Steven had to work Saturday so Mom sat with me. I thought I remembered Saturday until Sunday when my Daddy asked me about something that had happened on Saturday. He said I cleaned out my fridge when he was here but I don't recall him even being here. I managed to find a reason to call Dr Vick for the 3rd day in a row when I woke up Saturday with thrush. My mouth is raw and all I can eat is scrambled eggs and ice cream. Sara spent Monday with me and Kathy came over and did Arissa's hair and got the wireless router hooked up so I can lay in bed and use her laptop--Thanks for the loan, Aunt Kathy! Heather came back Monday afternoon and we went to the office this morning and had my cath removed. It took a few hours but I was finally able to pee. It was super painful but still better than having that stupid tube. I am not going anywhere tomorrow; today wore me out. Heather is staying again tonight although she has made is clear that she isn't sleeping with me tonight; apparently I wasn't the best bed partner last night! Who would have thought when we were little 5 year old girls, that we would be sharing a bed at 31! Talk about a life-long friendship. Having her here has been terrific. We have laughed and napped and just hung out. Isaiah and Arissa love having here and it has taken some of the load off of Steven. I am blessed to have such wonderful family and friends!
I think this post might be one long run-on sentence---blame it on the Demerol.

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