Thursday, October 4, 2007

Oops, I DIDN'T do it again...

So I was readmitted to St Marys last Wed (26th) for the very same problem I spoke of in the prior post. This time I got to stay for a whole week! Whoopee! I was discharged yesterday afternoon. Nothing much to say except things aren't any better but we are certain there isn't any obstruction or adhesion's. The thought process seems to be that I have a lazy colon and a slow to empty belly as a result of the surgery sleepy meds. The hope is that as I recover from my surgery my parts will wake up. Don't ask what happens if things don't self-correct b/c I don't have an answer. I prefer to think positive. For those of you eagerly awaiting entertaining photos of my misery--you are out of luck. Heather, my personal photog in all of this, was busy taking care of her own family. Trust me, you aren't missing anything. If you want to know what I looked like please scroll to previous entry and add an IV then you'll get the picture.

I did learn just a few things this visit that I will now share with you--

10) LifeStar is loud and stinks. LifeStar is the UT helicopter but I think it was lost b/c I watched it land at least 3 times.
9) When a medicine 'burns' going in your is actually burning your veins. Phengran burned up the inside of my arm. I had them take my IV out and put it in the other arm. The damaged arm is still sore to touch but the swelling has decreased. Stick to the pill, much easier!
8) The process of labor to delivery to discharge is significantly faster than having a BM.
7) Hospital food sucks no matter how much salt and pepper you use.
6) The transport fellows that come to take you for tests do not obey any speed limits nor do they give a hoot about how your bottom is feeling as they fly over bumps. They do however, always wish you good luck and to be better soon. (and one guy remembered me from my last visit; I must have made quite the impression).
5) Child birth does not erase all modesty. The tiny bit you have left will leave upon being admitted for bowel issues (use your imagination).
4) People do in fact still have natural childbirth (that I was fortunate enough to hear from the room next to me).
3) Mother-in-laws are gifts from God
2) Mommy's are still your rock, even when you become a mommy yourself
1) Daddy's are heroes that take time off work to wait for a doctor, walk the halls with you, don't wake you up when you doze off mid-visit, and most importantly-stick up for their kid when they don't think she is being treated right.

I'm off to drink more Miralax--

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