Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ice Skating

Kathy's birthday was the 27th and she decided she wanted her 'party' at the outdoor ice skating rink in Market Square. The whole family, plus Kathy's friend Carmen and her 3 kids, met downtown all bundled up and ready to go. Phillip and Edy even donned skates to take a few laps around the rink. Mom made it; Daddy didn't. He didn't crash but he didn't move, either. He knew ice skating wasn't his cup of tea and made a swift exit off the ice. Mom was determined and managed to shuffle around the rink holding tight to the rail. One lap and lots of time later, Mom finally made it to the exit and she too turned in her skates. The kids took off like they knew what they were doing and after a lap I had the hang of it too. Well, until someone cut in front of me and I wiped out. The nice worker man helped me get back on my feet. I skated for awhile longer then turned in my skates. My nose was running, my ears were hurting, and my feet were killing me. Carol and I decided to check out the shops. I had never walked around Market Square and there are lots of super cute places to shop. I am definitely going to keep it in mind. We all went back to Mom and Dad's afterwards to eat. Ice skating isn't something I would do all the time, but it was a good time and a good experience.

The kids and I are headed to Winchester for the New Year. Steven has to work so we are going to ring in the New Year with Aunt Heather and her family. The kids go back to school Wednesday.

I am feeling much better. Still the normal aches, pains and fatigue but the ears and throat are much better. I ended up having an allergic reaction to the antibiotics so I've been having to take extra medicine to combat the effects of that. Today was my last dose so I won't have to worry with that any more. Hopefully, I won't end up with thrush.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year....


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