Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wawawa Anne is Whining (what else is new?)

As some of you may know, I have been battling some issues involving constant fatigue, pain, and increased frequency and severity of my headaches. I saw my doc a week(ish) ago and he ran a bunch of blood work to try to determine the problem. His office called today with the results. The good news is that almost everything he ran came back normal so I'm not dealing with any new issues. The bad news is the mono has re surged. That makes 3 times since March. It explains why am still unable to work full time, become exhausted after just a few hours of activity, and ache most of the time. My thyroid was barely elevated but he wasn't too concerned and wants to re-check it in 3 months. My immune system isn't worth shit these days so all I can do is rest as much as possible and stay as far away from illness as possible. With that in mind, I will be avoiding anyone that is illin' and am going to start packing Purell. Yes, it is beginning to look like a wonderful holiday season at the Stratman/Freeman homes.

In other news, my TMJ pain has become worse and is constant. I am taking 800mg of Lodine 3 times a day without any relief (if I have a kidney left after all of this it will be a miracle). Heather so lovingly pointed out that my face is swollen...I was hoping it was my imagination. Now my cheeks match my belly..puffy! I am praying that someone cancels so I can get into the oral surgeon faster!

Lord give everyone strength to deal with me--

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