Friday, January 25, 2008

Another Year Gone By

Another birthday that I was too sick to enjoy. Arissa woke me up this morning with her sweet little voice wishing me Happy Birthday and telling me that she wanted to take me to the movies tonight with the Regal money she got for Christmas. She said she would pay for everything, for all 4 of us to go and for the concession stand. What an incredibly sweet little girl. I told her I'd let her know. I already knew the answer but didn't want to burst her bubble so early in the day. She told me that Steven was going to take me to dinner after the movies. It seems as if my whole family thought that since it was my birthday that I would wake up back to 100% and up to going out and eating. No such luck. I would have LOVED for that to have happened but it wasn't so.

I have received several phone calls, emails and MySpace comments all wishing me a good day. Too bad my throat didn't get the message......

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