Saturday, January 19, 2008

Day 3; 12 noon

On to my second dose of pain meds for the day and they are finally starting to help. I decided I needed to put something on my stomach so I had Isaiah put a potato in the oven for me. He put one in for himself, too. I forgot the taters we have are the smaller, bagged variety and not our usual robust baking potatoes. I left them in too long. I stuck a fork in the first one to see how smooshy it was. Perfect Potato. I stuck a fork in the other potato....BAM...the damn thing blew up, shooting its hot steamy starch clear to the french doors. Sweeping hot potato doesn't work too well but it did help get the big chunks up. I had to do some mini-mop action to get the stickies off the floor. Isaiah was kind enough to give me the surviving tater since he has eaten once today already. Now the kitchen stinks of burning tater. Thankfully we have a self cleaning oven.

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