Tuesday, January 8, 2008

This and That

Let's see where to begin...
New Years Eve was spent in Winchester with Aunt Heather and her family. Isaiah, Arissa, Savannah and Jameson had tons of fun and none of them were too happy when I announced it was time to leave. Steven had to work and even though it was our first New Years apart I still managed to have a good time.

Wednesday I went back to work as full time as I can get. I worked 7 hours Wednesday; 6 1/2 Thursday; and 4ish on Friday. I slept from Friday at midnight until 630 PM Saturday and was back asleep at 1130 and had to be woken up for church at 10 on Sunday. I am thinking that work wore me out! I was off yesterday (see below) but was back in action today for a full 7 hours. Tomorrow will be a short day (see below) and the rest of the week should be full steam ahead.

Yesterday we went to the oral surgeon. He wasn't my most favorite of folks in the beginning but we ended up cool with each other. He pretty much had his mind made up about me before he even examined me. I seriously hate it when people (doctors) decide they know all about you before they even know the facts. He was certain that I only needed a splint and some PT but that he would 'take a look at me anyways'. Once he felt, heard, saw the ways of my jaw his tune quickly changed. I am now scheduled for what is sure to be a painful test involving contrast being injected directly into my joints. That can't be done until Feb 4th so we are still in a holding pattern.

I am going to the ENT (yes, the same evil Dr Nose that tortured me last summer when I had my nose/sinuses/turbinates done) tomorrow afternoon. I am getting strep, yet again, and Steven has decided that the tonsils must be taken out. I have no idea what the actual physicians opinion might be but I am hoping that stronger antibiotics will be enough. I would say the 'normal' antibiotics I have been given aren't enough for this body of mine that is used to IV meds. Plus, the mono and the zero immune system can't be helping.

Added to my plate has been the opening of Sara's store. I am so thrilled for her to finally have it open and even having real customers! It is a super cute shop and has all that a cheerleader, gymnast, or dancer might need or want (not to mention custom embroidery). So, if you're an Oak Ridger and need things of that nature...give me a shout and I'll get you directions, etc.

Steven had a game yesterday...they lost. Probably because I wasn't there. He said he played terrible. He had been off since Friday night and his schedule is a mess, he woke up 15 minutes before the game started.

The kids got their report cards....Isaiah had all A's, B's and 2 C's. Arissa had all A's and has improved a grade level in reading (was 5th grade--now 6th). I was happy with both of them, although I would LOVE a good report card out of Isaiah that didn't require me to beat him for the grades first!

I suppose that is all for now--


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