Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another Surgery!

So much for 2008 being the 'year of no operations'. We are on the 2nd month and I am recovering from my 2nd surgery.

This latest surgery was a bit of an emergency situation. I started having bladder pain on Saturday but it was improving on Sunday. Monday evening found me in pain that increased to the point I was unable to sleep until 530am Tuesday morning. I had a busy day Tuesday with work, a parent/teacher conference, a doc appt for Isaiah, and taking/picking up Mary Ellen from an appt. I really didn't have 'time' to be ill. When I dropped Mary Ellen off at 530 she told me she had someone else to pick her up. So, I headed to the walk-in clinic in Farragut, thinking it would be a bladder or kidney infection. They ran blood and urine but couldn't detect any abnormalities but was very concerned with the location and severity of the pain (right lower quadrant radiating around to my back and down my thigh) so I was sent to the ER for a CT scan.

Got to the ER, they ran blood and urine, started an IV, gave me some tordol, and I drank the (yucky) contrast for the CT scan. The tordol didn't touch my pain at all so they gave me Morphine. THAT likey morphine! So, the CT revealed a cyst on my only remaining ovary. I was released so that I could have my gyn take care of it.

I got to the gyn at 11:15 Wednesday, had a transvaginal ultrasound, and was in surgery at 1:20pm. He removed the tube, ovary, cysts, endometriosis, and scar tissue. Ovary was at least 2 times bigger than what it should have been and was sitting on my bladder and obstructing my bowel. I stayed overnight at St Mary's so I could have major pain control...PCA pump of Morphine....and given my history of post-op issues we wanted to do everything possible to make this as smooth as possible. Dr Vick came in about 930 this morning and I was home and sleeping in my bed by 11 this morning.

Other than being extremely stiff and sore, I feel pretty good. I have already started hormone replacement.

In other Freeman family news....Arissa just tested positive for the flu. She fell asleep twice at school today and woke up from a long nap at home with a 100.6 temperature. Kathy took her to the doctor for me (one of her complaints was her back hurt and I feared she would have to leave a urine sample. Something she didn't want Steven to assist with). By the time she got there, she was running a fever of 103.4. The nose swab came back positive for the flu. I will be calling our regular pediatrician and my doctor tomorrow to get me and Isaiah some Tamiflu called in. Kathy is getting Arissa's tamiflu filled now as well as getting Arissa whatever 'sick' foods she wants before bringing her home.

Good times here at the Freeman house!

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