Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Day with Arissa

First of all--Melissa: You didn't mess up anything! Your comment had me scared when I got your text! You don't give yourself enough credit when it comes to technology.

Arissa and I finally made it for our 'girl day' to celebrate my birthday. We started the day at Aveda for Arissa to get 2 (badly needed) inches cut off her hair. Since she got it relaxed and has been wearing it down, the need for a trim was very obvious. I think Arissa's favorite part was the shampoo bowl. She yawned her way through it. Although she wasn't happy with losing those 2 inches, by the time she got all finished she was very happy with the way it turned out.

We left there and went next door to Justice. There were several items that caught Arissa's eye but she couldn't make up her mind what to spend her money on so we decided we'd go back tomorrow. I am trying to teach her not to impluse buy and to spend her money wisely. I hope to save her hard money lessons later in life.

After strolling through Goody's and Old Navy we headed over to our movie. It was a good thing we headed over a bit early because the Hannah Montana crowd had the line a mess. We finally got to purchase our tickets and concessions. Arissa was very careful with her gift card (edges ONLY) and was very proud of herself for treating her old Mom to a movie and a snack. She even splurged and got herself a *huge* package of Twizzlers. She checked her balance on her card then gave it to me for safe keeping. We both liked the movie (27 Dresses) but didn't like the annoying tweenagers sitting next to us. Arissa decided they must have been trying to act mature. Not real sure what that had to do with anything but it was a great "Arissa moment" for me.

FYI: I offered, several times, to forgoe my movie choice and see Hannah Montana instead. Arissa kept telling me that it was my birthday and my choice and I kept telling her it was her Christmas gift she was spending. I think we were both trying to be the bigger person and do what we thought would make the other one happy. I even looked online to see what shows were still available for HM but she stood her ground. I decided that it was clear that seeing 27 Dresses and doing what she thought was what I wanted is really what was making her happy. So I let it go. I thought all was cool until we saw all those little girls in the line. I thought, shit, she's going to be sad. Not my Arissa. That girl actually said to me..."I'll probably be the only girl in the third grade not talking about seeing Hannah Montana on Monday at school. But I'll get to say I saw 27 Dresses. I like being different. It's more fun than being like everyone else." Man, if she can keep that attitude the rest of her life.....

So, after our movie we headed to the mall to walk around. We checked out Belk, Limited Too, the Disney Store and landed in front of Auntie Anne's pretzels. Arissa could have just eaten half a cow but she always has room for a pretzel. So, we got her a pretzel then found a place in the food court to watch people. I shouldn't have sat down. I was done after that. I told Arissa that I had hung in as long as I could and I thought it was time for us to pack it in. We stopped at a kiosk to get some shorts for Webkin Scruffy then we left. Arissa barely made it to the interstate and she was asleep.

Another bright spot of the day....I wore a pair of pre-hysterectomy jeans today. Cheers to the tonsilectomy for helping me shed 15 pounds.....the ONLY good thing out of the whole mess.

Tomorrow we eat at Mom & Dad's. I can't wait for steak and chicken fajitas! YUMMMMMM.

Thanks for checking in...

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