Saturday, February 16, 2008

Post #100

Well, this Saturday finds me in the bed where I've been since about 1230 yesterday afternoon. I had a very busy week and by Friday could go no more. I was getting sick, felt like the flu, with a stuffed up head, headache, hurting ears, muscles aching, etc. Today I am feeling better but am hanging low to conserve my energy for the demands of next week. If working full time lands me in the bed on the weekends, than I'll take it. Unfortunatly, I don't have a choice but to work. My family is counting on me so to work I will go. They will get used to boring weekends at home!

So let me back up some.....Monday I didn't work because I had appointments. I saw the dentist for a way over-due cleaning. I hadn't been since Sept 2006! I thought they were wrong but once I thought about it......I would have been due for a cleaning in March, which is when I was put in the hospital with mono. And we all know how the rest of my 2007 went so it isn't surprising that teeth cleaning wasn't at the top of my list. Good news is that I didn't have any cavities and I don't require any additional work. The bad news is that my dentist has his money on surgery being the recommendation coming from my oral surgeon. He couldn't believe how bad my jaws are and was even more shocked to find out that they were actually better than before! Later in the day I had an appointment with my neuro for my headaches. Unfortunatly, I am maxed out on my meds due to my blood pressure being so low and she suggests I appeal to the insurance company to pay for Botox treatment. We know that works for me since I had it done in May, but it is considered experimental and is very expensive. We paid for it before but there is just no way we can do that now.

Tuesday thru Thursday found me at work for 8 hours each day. I wasn't doing my usual accounting duties but was helping in production. I came home worn out and sore every day! We did Valentines Wednesday night cause the kids didn't want to wait until after school on Thursday. Steven and I spent some alone time at the mall Wednesday. We were looking for some new shoes for me but I couldn't find anything worth my feet so we had a romantic Valentines dinner in the food court!

Thanks to the Navy and their cut-rate dentists, Steven had to have a tooth pulled on Thursday. It was a tooth that he had a root canal on while he was in the Navy but it wasn't done right. They had a hard time getting it out and he ended up with stitches. He was pretty sore Thursday but woke up Friday feeling much better. He is on antibiotics to clear up the infection and will go back in 4 weeks for a bridge.

I went into work yesterday and got done what had to be done then came home and crashed. I slept from 1230-630 then was back to sleep at 11 and was woken up at 10 this morning. I don't know if it was the sleep or the Nyquil but I am feeling better. I see the oral surgeon Monday to find out the plan for my jaws...I am anxious to hear what he has to say.

I guess that is all for now---

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