Saturday, February 23, 2008

Things are Looking Up (updated with pics 915pm)

Arissa is feeling MUCH better. Her fever broke and the Tamiflu seems to have helped, too! Isaiah ended up with nothing more than a cough and a headache, never developed a fever, so we didn't put him on Tamiflu after all.

I am feeling pretty good. I am very sore and get stiff pretty quick but other than that I feel okay. I'm not doing anything but laying in the bed, surfing the net and passing out orders. I did finally make it to the shower this morning and washed my hair. I was pretty worn out after that and took a short nap.

Yup, that's my swollen belly. Most would be ashamed to show their belly with all those stretch marks...Not me, I worked hard gaining all that weight years ago to make my babies healthy!

The only incision that can be shown on the Internet...This one happens to be the sorest. Notice the bruising...I am assuming that is from the camera being maneuvered through my insides.

I had Isaiah and Steven cleaning the house earlier. I had planned on cleaning it this weekend but since the surgery came up my plans got changed. It was really gross and needed it really bad so I passed out the orders to get it cleaned! Being 'out of commission' has it advantages. Arissa and I watched the boys work from our beds.

Steven has been given the night off. He is off with his buddies to watch the UT/Memphis game. For some reason he didn't want to lay in bed with me and watch it?! Oh well, I figured he's been at my beck and call since Wednesday so he deserved a night out with the fellas. Isaiah and Arissa are here to wait on me hand and foot. He did make sure I had dinner before he left.

Thanks for checking in....

The Recovering Peas
Proof that Arissa is feeling better...

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