Friday, May 30, 2008

Finally, an update with more than 10 words...

Let's see where to begin...

We'll start with ME (duh!).....I am back to work full-time and have been for several weeks now (hence the lack of updates). I have been blessed to have been bumped up the corporate ladder a few rungs and now have a nifty title complete with a fly new phone, business cards and an office with a door. I am actually thrilled to be back. I have missed it. I love what I do. I am also back in the gym (hi Naomi). I have trained 5ish times without cancelling and man can I tell. And if I forget I have several muscle groups that remind me. Work and the gym pretty much drain me so food, house, and laundry are on the rest of the family. They know the deal and so far don't have any complaints with the dinners consisting of frozen pizza or sandwiches. So far I can't tell much improvement in the migraine department but the medicine is still building in my system. I am now off carbonated drinks cause they taste like crap (side-effect) and have times that I can't feel my toes and/or fingers (another side-effect). So far I have not experience the brain fog that most complain about (knock on wood).

Steven is still working the graveyard shift and still hating it. He has now lost a total of 51 pounds and had gone from a size 42 waist to a size 36. I swear his head has shrunk but I have been told it is just cause his face isn't as full. He is still hacking up golf courses all over East Tennessee in his spare time.

Isaiah spent 3 days and 2 nights at Tremont and had an absolute BLAST!! We are still getting bits of details about his trip. He took a disposable camera with him but we haven't gotten the pics back yet...that should be interesting to see! His last day of school was spent at the public pool today. It is the tradition of his school to end the year by walking to the pool, cooking out and swimming. Of course, he had fun and so far I haven't gotten too many details other than he wished some of the girls that wore bikini's really shouldn't have worn them (you can tell he is my child). No word on his report card yet since the final one is mailed. He gets his braces on Wednesday.

Arissa had a good final report card with all A's and B's. She began the 3rd grade reading on a 6th grade level; she ended reading on an 8th grade level. Go Hootie!! I wish the same could be said for her ability to play the recorder. Sister sucks at that thing...and she knows it. Which you would think would keep her from torturing us with her crappy songs. NOPE!

This weekend this kids will be ushering in summer with the dismissal of bedtimes. I have plans to work at Sara's shop tomorrow then attend her recital with Arissa. Sunday we'll go to church (Isaiah is bugging me to go...he has a new outfit he wants to wear) and then I just plan on doing nothing so I can rest up and be ready to do it all over again next week!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out!!!
yes, I figured out how to leave you a comment! :)
I am very excited that you got a facebook! Hey, my 5:30 Tuesday canceled if you want to try and train then. I might call my 6:30 and see if she could come early so you can have the 6:30 spot if you want it... lemme know! :)