Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Am....Arissa

Arissa started school back on July 15th. Here is a picture of her and her best pal, Allison, before we headed out the door into uncharted territory of the big, bad, scary new school....

Arissa was scared to death, to say the least. She held my hand tightly as we walked up the sidewalk. On the way to school I gave her the typical pep talk, told her to smile her best smile, throw her shoulders back, keep her chin up, and be herself and she would be just fine. She said she thought she might wait until day 2 to try that. I told her that day 1 was the day! After waiting to be released to go her classroom (and getting LOST on our way) she got to meet her teacher and the rest was smooth sailing. By the end of the day her teacher had recommended her for safety patrol and the school news broadcast. Needless to say...she is happy with her new school.
Day two...she rode the bus to school...Here she is waiting for it to arrive:

I was thinking that I was going to get out of ferrying chilrin's to school every morning with Arissa changing schools into one that had a bus wheeling by the house every morning. Um, not so much. Not until after Christmas when her commitment to safety patrol is over. The bus doesn't get her there early enough so I take her. Small price to pay for the child to get to WEAR A SASH AND MONITOR THE DOOR! Luckily, they have her monitoring doors and not escorting kids since she gets lost on a daily basis. It's not uncommon for another teacher to find her, roaming the halls and point her in the right direction or call her teacher to let her know they have her.
Of course starting school means school projects. First up...ALL ABOUT ME. Arissa had to write a letter introducing herself and make a poster. Here is the finished poster.

Yeah, the poster pretty much KICKS ASS and will probably forever hang in her room. We got some help from our friend, Naomi, but for the most part Arissa had complete creative control.
She has started cheerleading practice and the first game is August 2nd. Once again, I will express my dismay with the stupid scheduling of this football league. Last time I checked, football was a FALL sport, not a SUMMER sport. ARG!

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