Sunday, July 20, 2008

More 'Normal'....Sortof

Let's see....when I left off before I was still in pain, following the directions of my GI and his 'wonderdrug' and had just faked my way through Steven's reunion-palooza.

With no improvement in sight and the pounds melting away, I called the doctors office Tuesday morning and was rather surprised to receive a phone call from him personally later in the day. He scheduled me for a sigmoid on Thursday (after my firm explanation of the goings-on and my instance that SOMETHING IS WRONG). Wednesday I picked up my prep supplies and had me a bit of a melt down; something about bowel prep at the office kinda pushed me over the edge (Todd is in California so I was playing the lead role and really couldn't be out of the office if I could help it). Wednesday evening the fun began...for about an hour until I proceeded to vomit the prep and had to call the on-call who told me to stop drinking the 'shit that isn't fit for death-row inmates' and gave me plan B. Plan B is where I draw the line at workplace dedication. In true Anne style, I woke up at 5am with a blinding migraine and vomiting...I stayed in the bed until 2:30 (well in between trips to bathroom for said Plan B) when it was time to head to the office and was probably their most eager patient ever just so I could get the good drugs and I wouldn't care that I was dying of thirst and my head was hurting.

As I was laying there in my socks and tennis shoes and a hospital gown large enough for me and a few friends, getting aggravated at my doctor for being behind schedule, I was given plenty of time to read the handy 'cheat sheets' that are taped to the cabinet doors. Cause you know, I want the fellow that is helping out the doctor who has a scope up my ass read
step 1. Get gauze
step 2. heat to 120 degrees remove plastic from .....
you get the picture here. HELLO...this is MY ASS WE ARE TALKING ABOUT!! I clearly have enough issues as it is or else I wouldn't be here and I really don't feel comfortable with someone needing a cheat sheet to know what to do in the case of something needing to be taken out. Lucky for them, he finished up the case before me and came in the room cause I was getting ready to look through the cabinets and drawers for parting items to take home for the kids.

Next thing I knew, they were telling me to wake up (yeah, right, I was sleeping really good) and then I heard them discussing if I was that pale when I came in (yes, people, I really am this pale). They finally got me to wake up, pulled my IV, walked me to a sitting area, got my Steven and the doctor. Who proceeded to tell us that I didn't get a sigmoid, but a full colonoscopy because he found a polyp and needed to make sure there weren't anymore. Colon polyps are very common if you're over 50, overweight, eat a lot of fatty food but for me, not so much but he didn't seem to be too concerned. He removed it. This, however, does not explain the pain I've been in as the polyp wasn't even in the general area of my pain. He has sent my records to Dr Vick and I have an appointment with him this Thursday as he thinks I have scar tissue causing my pain....pretty sure that's what I said over a month ago.

As crappy as this whole ordeal has been, I am still lucky. The man next to me was diagnosed with colon cancer. I'll take my stupid polyp and scar tissue and shut up now. Oh, and I'm 99% sure he is the reason my doc was late for my case. That man needed my doctor more than I did; I'm sure there will be a time that the tables will be turned and I'll want to be treated the same way.

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Anonymous said...

Kind of puts things in perspective, doesn't it sister susie? Things will get just have to figure it out. Mom