Saturday, August 9, 2008

Game On!

Today was the first official game of the season. We were excited but nervous. Due to the aforementioned coaching mess, I wasn't real sure what to expect out of today. All and all..I was happy. We have lots to work on but all things considered I was very pleased! The weather forecast was high of 85 with low humidity...clearly that was everywhere BUT the field. It felt like 185 degrees. There is no shade out there, the first game ran over by half an hour which means our 12pm start time was more like 1pm. Needless to say, we were melted before the game even started! My girls hung tough with very little complaining and we kept them supplied with cold water. Arissa was 'captain for the day' as elected by her squad and she did an awesome job. Of course, I came home with a migraine...why the crap I get a headache in the sun in beyond me...I drank lots of water, I don't squint, what am I missing here?? I took a pill, a cold shower and a nap...woke up much better.

Since no one was able to make a personal appearance there are lots of pics from today's game...sit tight and enjoy---

Isaiah was our photographer for the day and I think he did a pretty good job:

New fresh, so clean and ready to CHEER!

Hey, at least I get a cute shirt out of this coaching deal!

Yup, we're dorks, we know it, we really don't care!

Love you, Mom....Love you more, 'Riss

The picture of CLASS..picking her wedge & caught on camera!

WOOT!! We won! Time to smack some hands and get the
heck outta here!


Aunt Carol said...

I am sorry I missed it. The pictures are wonderful. Isaiah did an awesome job!! Looks like you and Arissa did an awesome job too!!

melanie, aka Mo said...

To answer your question, no I probably don't get enough nutrition! I eat hardly any meat at all. I can't eat veggies. I eat a lot of candy, a few chips, and crackers and cheese a lot. I drink frappucinos all the time! My husband has started making me eat chewable vitamins. If you have some specific questions, let me know. this is just MY situation. Not the typical person with lapband. then again, I have lost more than most people with lap band! Melanie

Kathy said...

Do you think that since Mo took the time to come here and comment that she might have taken the time to read your blog as well? Maybe she fav'd you? You would so have rockstar status!!! Who needs health and wealth when Mo reads your blog!!!

Love ya!!!

Anne said...

Somehow I doubt I'm cool enough for Mo although...if I acheived THAT coupled with the man I 'touched' in Atlanta after I spoke I think I would consider my life a success.
Lord, I hope she doesn't read this for real cause she is gonna think I make highlighters for a living!!