Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Let Me Clear My Throat...

Cause I'm sick...AGAIN.
You know, this crap is getting really, really old.
Although at least now I know why I've been so very very tired the last several days.
If you have a magic wand to wave to brew me a real immune system...get to waving cause I'm over it!

EDITED TO ADD (FOR DADDY'S SAKE): I have a sinus infection...something that I already had operated on.

I got lots of feedback on my previous post-all supportive (I think..not real sure about Mom's 'huh'?). I'll be sure to keep you informed where the Freeman Church Tour 2008 leads us. We might end up selling t-shirts to offset the cost of my ever increasing medical bills!

I was lucky enough to view Seven for the first time yesterday. Seven is Carol's unborn baby. I saw him via ultrasound. I've named him Seven because of the way he is laying, he makes a Seven. Seven Anne Jones...the perfect name for a little boy. I am sure there won't be another one in his entire school career with the same name.

Arissa's cheerleading squad had a coaching come-apart and in a moment of complete brain inactivity, my ignorant self volunteered to take over. Luckily, I have an awesome assistant (who should really be the head coach) and we are determined to make something out of nothing....or at least have fun doing it.

Isaiah has completely recovered from his little stint at ETCH though he is still wearing his hospital bracelet like it's an accessory. He will be in 7th how time flies!

Well, I think I'll wheel on down to the pharmacy to pick up yet another prescription (with side effects) that will require a copay (then another copay to combat the side effects in 5-7 days). Could be worse...I could have NO health insurance and NO money. I know, I know...shut up Anne, quit your bitching and count your blessings.


Aunt Carol said...

Doesn't using Anne in HIS name rank up there with "A Boy Named Sue"? But thanks for the offer. I told everyone today that you now call him Seven......... they think you are nuts anyway, but that drives the point home.

I love you!!! And so does Seven.

Anonymous said...

what do you have this time? Will it lead to a surgical procedure? you are over due for a surgery.