Thursday, August 28, 2008

Still hanging out...

I am still here with no end in sight. Yet another failed CT this morning although at least this time they didn't make me NPO and drink the contrast. They took me down and took a few pictures to see if they would be able proceed then sent me back up to my room.
I asked today if they had ever seen anyone with Barium stuck for this long and they said 'no, because you are normally given pills afterwards and told to drink lots of water to flush your system". Clearly, the morons at MMC aren't aware of this handy bit of information but you can bet they'll be hearing from me! Due to their lack of advice, I have what is being referred to has cement in my colon. Clearing cement is not fun.

And what Anne medical drama would be complete without...wait for it...A MIGRAINE!! Yup, woke up in major pain and puking. I sent Steven a text to bring my migraine pills but they didn't work. The nurse gave me some pain meds but I was still in full migraine force. The nurse told me to wait for Dr. ID to round on me and ask him. Well, I waited about an hour with no Doctor in sight so I called my nurse in, asked her to call Dr. ID for orders and told her exactly what I needed to get rid of my headache. An hour later, I had my way and was flying high.

I had to have my IV moved as the original site was hurting, red and swollen. Add another blown vein to my tally. She tried another site but couldn't get a return so she pulled it before it blew. I ended up with it in the other arm. I look like I've been to war with all my gauze and tape.

They have started putting nutritional drinks on my tray. I am still not eating and the pain isn't any better (except for today with the heavy duty drugs but I can't live the rest of my life hooked up to an IV pole of narcs).

So, we sit and wait. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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