Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stroke Center!

Don't stroke out when you get off the green elevators at Ft. Sanders to visit but yes, I am in the Stroke Center. There are a few reasons for this 1) there aren't beds anywhere else 2) stroke patients aren't very germy 3) I HAD to have a private room.

Feel lost and wondering what is going on?

Well, as I stated in my prior posts about my health issues, I saw my ID yesterday. He was very unhappy with the amount of weight I have lost, the amount of pain I am in, my continued inability to eat, my overwhelming exhaustion, etc. and decided that being passed from doctor to doctor was clearly not getting us anywhere and made the decision to admit me.

So here I am..hanging with my laptop (although not completely happy cause the Ft. Sanders Internet Nazi's have Facebook blocked!) and getting tons of tests ran.
I am thankful Dr. ID saw that I am not well and took the bull by the horns.
I was blessed to have Sara spend the night with me last night, Wayne has came to see me and I've gotten a phone call too (this is, of course, outside of the family being here and calling/emailing/texting). That does not include the revolving door of hospital personnel in and out of my room. That is okay though since last night was a total mess, with my meds getting messed up, orders not being followed, etc. But I think we have that under control now. I have a patient representative and Wayne hooked me up with someone on staff here to act as my advocate to make sure I am getting what I am supposed to be getting, when I am supposed to be getting it.

In Summary as of 2pm today here is where we stand:
Failed attempt at a CT scan; will be NPO again at midnight and will try again tomorrow
Six sticks, one blown IV
6 bottles of blood drawn for cultures
9 vials of blood drawn for misc other tests

So far the tests that have came back are normal with the exception of my thyroid being low and my liver being elevated.

Stay tuned for further information....

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