Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Week from HELL!

There is no other way to describe it.....
Here is a quick recap:
Monday=extended family tragedy (complete with a whole range of emotions and the inability to sleep)
Tuesday=Morning doctor visit where he was alarmed at my weight (never a good thing), more blood was drawn, additional tests are ordered; followed up by an evening ER trip with Arissa and capped off with a 1am trip to IHOP. On way to ER receive phone call from my dear friend that her son was in CCU on life support for reasons I just won't even address here.
Wednesday=so exhausted from Monday and Tuesday I could barely function
Thursday=crippling pain that had Todd trying to take me to the ER by force (I fought him off and proceeded to drive myself home); Dr James visit with Isaiah; from there had to wheel over to the Cheyenne Center to get his blood drawn for a liver panel then get him back home and Steven picked up in time to attended services for family member mentioned on Monday.
Friday=spent half of the day in bed in pain and the other half at the hospital CCU waiting room
Saturday=slept until 4pm; woke up got ready for game and coached the cheerleaders. Came home, changed clothes, went back to Knoxville with the kids and went to dinner with Abby.
Here are some photos...

Abby, Isaiah and Arissa...
Isaiah is about the same age as I
was when 3 year old Abby asked me
to come play with her! Oh how time
CCU friend is doing much better and will hopefully step down to ICU today or tomorrow.
I don't know how soon I will have results from the GI tests ordered but I do see my ID tomorrow afternoon so maybe that will point me in some direction other than circles.
P.S. Seven is holding steady..still forming a '7' and no signs of him making an early debut! Carol is hanging tough and although she is more than ready, she knows he is we wait!
And does the new layout not just scream ANNE?! Too stinkin' cute huh? I'm in love with it..I come to my own blog often just to look at it and smile...

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