Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This Might Take a Few Minutes....

You might want to grab a beverage and sit back cause I have a lot to catch up on…

ME! - Tomorrow finds me on another leg of my East Coast Medical Tour. While I am not as miserable as I was before, I am still not eating (see previous post) and my GI tract is unhappy. Therefore, I am seeing Dr. GI tomorrow for an appointment that has been scheduled for over a month. There hasn’t been much improvement in the migraine department. I thought I had an appointment with my neuro last Friday but they took me off the schedule so now I don’t go until the 29th….that should be an interesting appointment. I also have an appointment scheduled next week with my ID to see what’s going on with my total lack of energy. Anemia? Mono? Stress? Lack of nutrition? All of the above? Lab work has already been drawn so hopefully he will have some answers. The plantars wart issue was solved with a simple razor blade to the foot (it wasn’t really a plantars wart..it was a horrible callous dressed up like a wart). Totally painless and gone in mere minutes. I did get a very annoying mole sliced off my back and found out today that it was in fact just a mole and nothing more. Miracles never cease!

STEVEN! – Has been on vacation the last 9 nights and had to return to the grind tonight. I would love to tell you he got to do all kinds of fun exciting stuff while he was off but he didn’t. He did play golf several times but he also spent a day at the laundry-mat (when our dryer died..we bought a new one, cause you know we have extra money just laying around), taking the kids to appointments for this and that, going to the grocery store, and other mundane errands. His birthday was Saturday but it was slightly overshadowed by a more pressing event (keep reading for details).

ISAIAH! - Isaiah started 7th grade today! Seems like just yesterday he was drooling and asking me to make him newspaper hats all the time. His teeth are coming along nicely and we are amazed at how fast they are moving!

Him, "Really, Mother, I'm in 7th grade now..."

Me, "I don't care, smile damn it"

ARISSA! - Arissa is still plugging along at school and full of attitude. She is busy with cheerleading practice twice a week with games on Saturdays; dance class starts the first of September (jazz & hip hop); she is taking violin that has to be practiced 20 minutes a night; plus her normal homework and reading 30 minutes a night. She was invited to attend an after school program that we had to decline…girl has too much on her plate! She’s only 9 for Pete’s sake! She is already talking about running track next year in middle school. At least she has goals!

No, yours eyes don't deceive you..her shoe laces are two
different colors...you learn to choose your battles.

SEVEN! - Arissa & I hosted a baby shower Saturday for Carol and baby Seven. I’ve always been on the receiving end of these things so I really wanted to do this all by myself. I had no idea what I was doing, had a few freak-out moments, woke up Saturday morning with the mother of all migraines, snapped at Steven more than once, was beyond mad at my body for not cooperating but with Mom as my driver, lots of medication, and Steven who lets my mouth and attitude roll off his back it all came together. I’ve heard everyone had a great time, Carol and Seven were happy, and I lived to blog about it so something must have gone right!

Here are some pics from the day:

Anne, Carol (Seven) & Arissa

Yummy Food!

More Yummy Food!

The lollies I MADE!! Chocolate froggies!

Back view of the lollies; you can see the custom stickers

One side of the amazing 'Sara Baker' cake

The other side of the amazing 'Sara Baker' cake

BINGO caller Arissa

Oh yeah, we made them work for the prizes!

Three of the 5 winners; they were happy with just the bags--
they were even happier when they found out they got them
embroidered too! Yeah, I gave rockstar shower prizes!!!




Anonymous said...

what are you doing up at 1:15am?

Anne said...


Actually...it was 215am; I must have the time set wrong on this thing.

I guess the events of the evening had me unable to sleep. My brain wouldn't turn off so I decided to write.


Aunt Carol said...

I was going to ask the same thing as Daddy. The only reason I am up at odd hours is because of my bladder!!
Get you some rest sister.

Kathy said...

I am just glad to see that you got your family sticker to the top of the page. I don't always scroll all the way down, so I never knew it was there.

Hope you got some sleep, that Arissa is feeling better, and that Isaiah wasn't really late for school today. He tried to convince me as we were backing out at 7:15 am that he was already late. Didn't seem to believe me when I said that school doesn't start til 7:45. Who's right? Him or me??...pick me..pick me...pick me

Anne said...

You win the prize! Isaiah is a nerd! He told me this afternoon he got there at 725 and we don't even leave our house until 730 so I'm not sure what the confusion was all about.
Thanks again for your help last night!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you used the vase! It looks like a very nice shower. I am so impressed with that cake!! She is one talented lady! The baby still does not have a name? or have you convinced them to use seven!!! Melissa